What is going on with air travel?

March 18, 2018 John de Nugent 0

Unruly passenger after being duct-taped to his seat by stewardesses and passengers http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/03/16/fistfights-nude-masturbation-and-dead-pets-whats-going-on-with-airline-travel.html Fistfights, nude masturbation and dead pets:     Vibrant  Textured  Edgy Conversation […]

UPDATE TRAD WORKERS PARTY DISSOLVES as fine Christian JdN-besmirchers Matt Heimbach, Matt Parrott and his cheating wife go full trailer-park with adultery, battery and domestic violence in front of children

March 14, 2018 John de Nugent 4

Wow, the meltdown of my defamatory foes is complete: https://www.thedailybeast.com/matthew-heimbachs-traditional-workers-party-implodes-over-love-triangle-turned-trailer-brawl MATT HEIMBACH POLICE REPORT w/PARROTT & HEIMBACH’S WIFE BATTERY AFFIDAVIT & STATEMENT Gloating by the marxists, […]

AFRIKAANS Vlaamse patriotte ryp reuse vlag neer, wat anti-wit en oop-grense-propaganda gemaak het, van die muur van ‘n historiese kasteel (opwindend video!)

March 8, 2018 John de Nugent 0

. . EPIC VIDEO: Vlaamse Patriotte Skeur Massiewe EU-Vlag Van Historiese Kasteel Af by Oop-Grense- Gebeurtenis. Linksiste Reageer In Aanstoot deur Damien Cowley 140 Opmerkings [bron: http://thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/video-flemish-patriots-tear-massive-eu-flag-historic-castle-open-borders-event-shocked-leftists-react-horror/ ] 267 Deel 118 Tweet […]

Dana Loesch and the NRA; near-whites

March 2, 2018 John de Nugent 0

Dana Loesch is attractive, smart, great on guns and tough with libtards (Thanks go to Jack Sen https://www.facebook.com/jacksenukip for sending me this) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceSs6OMgFCU Dana Loesch SHREDS ABC’s George […]