My Plan for 2010

January 24, 2010 John de Nugent 3

First, let me start off with a beautiful quote: IN the fifth line, the meaning of the verb “abridge” in the famous Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary […]

Jefferson vs Hitler; Liberty Villages

January 19, 2010 John de Nugent 1

I was interviewed again today (1/19/10) by the hard-charging Arizona patriot and talk show host Clayton Douglas of This is is Mr. Douglas’ […]

The Solutrean flag

January 12, 2010 John de Nugent 6

RADIO SHOW TODAY: with crusty biker-Texas-intellectual Clayton Douglas: And be sure to visit Mr. Douglas’ hard-hitting website FREEAMERICAN.COM ( and order his brilliant book, […]

January 7, 2010 John de Nugent 1 This is a very important website for the many new black readers of my blog (as I can see by studying website visitor statistics), […]

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