Praised by two comrades; but one still questions the Hitler-John de Nugent nexus

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In the Wisconsin Bluff Country, gazing onto the Mighty Mississippi — and thinking “Here I am, about to do it ag 🙂ain.”  I came here to make AMERICA national-socialist this time. The time and hour are right, with BLM and Antifa rampaging, patriotards waking up to both race and (((“Soros”)))  — and the faux savior Trump hanging on frantically by his fingernails. So, gulp, “Let the games begin.” 🙂

A comrade read this blog:

Jewish freak doxxing American patriots from Berlin

…and wrote me:


Thank you for your constructive criticism of our fellow Whites. We need it. Tough love is better than the endless coddling that turns these pajama and flip-flop wearing fatsacks into communist mush.

So many of the young White men are promising until exposed to popular culture and drugs. Their young girlfriends are on multiple rounds of birth control, IUDs, pills, and abortion pills.

They are trying to genocide us!

I ran away from home when I was 14 and never came back and while on this odyssey I read David Irving’s “Hitler’s War,” in which a renowned British historian couldn’t find a single shred of evidence that Hitler had ordered a holocaust upon the Jewish people.

*** JdN


I had several encounters with Irving in the 1990s.


I’m one of the Whites you righteously criticize. John, I don’t know a single person who has stood up as bravely and with such perseverence and discipline as you. I’ve laid low to fight another day that may never come as an excuse for the lack of the attributes you overflow with.


My reply:


The purpose of my religion is to change people.

Actually it is to bring out the greatness that is buried under fear.


……Biracial comrade writes me


A brilliant NS who has a black mother and hates being part-black, and wishes fervently his dad had married a white woman, wrote me several thoughts with searing honesty.

He looks a bit like the actor and successful director Mario Van Peebles (seen here in “Heartbreak Ridge” with Clint Eastwood). He had a German (white) mother, btw, and graduated from Columbia. 

First, he apologized to me after I had taken him to task for telling me I was wrong about some point of prehistory. I had written:

It is not appropriate for a young man, especially when speaking with someone to respect to both think so categorically and to speak in such a way. ….The phrase “I believe, with all due respect, that you are mistaken, John” would have been far more appropriate, don’t you agree? 🙂


He replied:

Hi, John.

Forgive me for my disrespectful tone, and pls accept my apologies.

While I was writing my missive, it didn’t sound bad to my ears, but later on, when reading it, hours after I’ve sent it to you, I thought to myself, “Damn, I could have phrased that a lot nicer”.

Perhaps I’m numbed, since I’ve gotten some harsh insults throughout my lifetime, sometimes I felt treated worse than a stray dog, and hence, what sounds harsh to others may not always sound that harsh to me.

I know, respect is something you have to earn, and I, by far, have not earned it yet. I do NOT consider myself a major, respectable person, and it’s uncertain if I ever will be. Though, respect is not to be confused with the basics of human dignity, and I felt like I didn’t receive that either.

The topic of respect is a difficult one for me. For one, I do not respect my parents, even less my father, and this can be seen as troublesome, but how can anyone show respect to a race-mixer who has left me only in disappointment… I can’t feel real gratitude for my grandparents either, who have completely screwed up their three sons.

So, for me, a person that doesn’t respect his family, it is actually very hard to show respect. To be honest, I don’t even know if I respect, or love, myself… There are countless feelings of confusion and uncertainty inside my head…

Now, I agree that one should show respect to those of age and experience, though there are countless of variables to consider. Is a young German boy, for example, obligated to show respect to an elderly American? Even if this elderly American has won many medals on the battlefield, we know whom these wars really served, so does the boy from Germany owe him real respect?

Americans, other Anglos and Russians are under very bad karma, and have A LOT to undo, and I hope that, for the betterment of all people, they’ll achieve this one day. Though, can they ever fully undo it? Considering all the annihilated European bloodlines of very good stock…

Out of these groups, Americans especially, should not expect much of a respectful treatment from non-Americans, because the role they decided to play is repulsive on all levels imaginable. IMO, the concept of an American demanding respect from Axis-Power descendants, or basically all non-Americans, is a pretty big order. And, I’m going to be honest here, it’s still difficult for me to show the necessary respect to them. I often have troubles to shut down my egoic-mind on this one. Again, I’m talking about “respect”… not the basics of human dignity.

I incarnated as a brown Non-White, and “my” group of people is quite destructive; thus I do not expect much respect from Whites or Asians.

If I have dealings with other people, I certainly do not take good treatment for granted. Most of the times, I don’t get it, so with this mindset, I’m at least not disappointed or upset if it happens. [….]

Overall, this is an extremely bad-karma planet… Is anyone on here really, truly respectable? … All groups have bad karma… I think we, as a species, have yet to earn respect. We must reform this planet into a place of respectable people…

Furthermore, you are right, elders deserve respect. But are there circumstances where this general rule will not apply anymore? Can an elderly person always expect respect, and does the majority of older whites really deserve that?

Your generation was born into a much better world than the one it is about to leave behind. What is your generation leaving behind for younger people? Worse job opportunities, less income, higher property prices, destroyed eco-systems, worse genes, expressing in less pretty, blue-eyed women and less Nordic blood.

If you walk into a bar and the young, ugly, brown-eyed and overweight bartender is giving you  poor service, is it really surprising? All he sees is yet another old white guy who was better looking than he is, has blue eyes, probably a better education, a guy who had far more and better women in bed… a guy who had many other privileges he does not have, yet will still lecture him and expect a good service, or even respect, just like all other old white guys he has met.

The bartender does not know that you’ve been out there fighting against evil for many decades. He only sees the outside. And I assume, people with your outside appearance have left him in discontent. Of course, that is a BIG mistake on his part, to have this prejudice, but on the contrary, I think our elders should also feel for the pain and struggles of youth and be understanding.

In what way is your generation leaving behind a better world than the one it was born into? Is existence alone enough to be grateful? If a generation is leaving behind a worse world, I believe it has failed — that’s just how it is.

If I ever reach old age, I’ll certainly not expect good treatment from young strangers, not if my generation has failed. […] You and others, though, still have time left to make a difference. Now, failing as a generation is not the same as failing as an individual, and you didn’t failed as an individual. So, a man like you should definitely be respected, but the question remains, can it be expected from younger people of a doomed generation who do not know who you are?

Respect for old age alone, I belief, cannot be taken for granted on a bad-karma place like this. That’s currently too much to ask for,. but, hopefully, it will one day be again. However, one SHOULD respect another, especially elders, even just for the sake of having good karma.

And you are right. It’s the natural calling and function of youth to be dissatisfied with the inadequacies of the past and impatiently demand serious change. Though, when looking at the bigger picture, the Endsieg is 3000 years overdue, so perhaps I’m not that inpatient in regard to that?…

Also, should one consider previous incarnations when the question of respect arises? You said you had three lifetimes of achievements and scars, and you meant it serious, though, I assumed the Hitler incarnation theory was not to be taken literally…

*** No, it is literally so.

Who really was and is JdN?

Margi took this shot in May 2019 near the old Franklin Mine in Hancock, Michigan, and you can see — in very, very exaggerated form with the dowward, sideways angle of the harsh sunlight — the unique double bulges over the inner eyebrow area — and the “V” that flares off it onto my side forehead.




Hitler’s Landsberg prison cell in 1924

Why it should be beyond obvious to not look exactly like Hitler


I dyed it black so you maybe, just maybe finally “get it.” 😉 My goal the last time was a worker-and-farmer movement, with even a communist-like red flag, and a party with the name “socialist workers” in it, so I had to look like The Average Man myself — like a working-class man.

Same mindset, same cheekbones, same sloping forehead, same twin bulges over the inside of the eyebrows, same v-ridges in the upper forehead and creases along either sides of the forehead, same height, same DEEP-blue eye color, same marionette facial line back from the chin — and the same military leanings, and an uncanny ability to speak both fluent German and Austrian dialect with no American accent.

Even my compositional style, just as with Mein Kampf back then, is way-too-long paragraphs, and concepts far too advanced for the average Joe. 😉
Hey, I admit it — I am too wordy.
I often actually think in German, and my style in English occasionally shows it. 🙁
And I never kiss my readers’ butt, but instead I openly pour out my scorn like the mustache-guy on all WHITE whiners, WHITE excuse-makers, WHITE cowards and WHITE bumblers!
This was, in fact, the real me coming through in the bitter and sarcastic original title of Mein Kampf!

4.5 Years of Struggle

Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice

— A settling of accounts [with my enemies]

…and a certainty, since age 5 on, that I WAS THAT MAN, AND — gulp —worse, much worse, that I WAS THE REBIRTH (a soul GIVEN A NEW CHANCE) of the MOST HATED MAN on this earth.
Oh, Shit! Here we go again! 😉


with unique, rare, solid, dark blue eyes – not an Irish or Polish light-blue, not a blue-green, and not blue-gray either. Solid, deep blue.


Here is some humor — but the serious point is this: The whole Hitler approach may have turned the Germans on — who are a highly militaristic, stern, soldier-like people, and the Spartans (if not “Klingons”) of the white race — but all those uniforms, heel-clicking, and the sieg-heiling turned the rest of the freedom-craving white world OFF ;-(


I can see a huge connection between you and Laval Count Nugent,

but with Hitler, I’m uncertain. The looks are similar, the mindset is the same and you have a few of his “quirks”, but other likes and dislikes, also personality, talents, mannerism, speech pattern, and general archetype must be considered too.

You’re, at he very least, just as smart as Hitler was, and you still have time to outdo his life achievements.

Though, Hitler is the person I’ve invested the most time into, and I just find him to be different than you are. Even if you bring us the Endsieg, I will have doubts believing that you were him. But I’m not saying it’s impossible. While I see differences, I also do see the similarities.

I’ve read your Hitler reincarnation blog, but it will take more than that to convince [Hitler fans]  that you’re Hitler.

For now, I think it’s best to not dwell in previous incarnations. There is a good reason why we can’t access memories of previous incarnations while inside a physical form. The greatest Heroes, men like Leonidas, Alexander or Arminius, did not proclaim themselves to be famous men of the past. They only did their unique thing in their current incarnation, and I believe we should do the same. You have your current “John de Nugent” incarnation, and it is impressive and unique enough to rise up and achieve the Endsieg. You don’t need heroic deeds or fame of other incarnations.

Previous incarnations are something I cannot confirm with 100% certainty because I’m neither God nor dead and in the realm of souls. Though, if we ever meet in the realm of souls, and you truly were Hitler, I’ll apologize that I’ve doubted that you were he, and I will grant you the respect of the Hitler incarnation.

John, without considering previous incarnations, you did very respectable deeds in your life, thus you are indeed a person  to respect. You are brave, very experienced and very knowledgeable, thus my lack of respect was wrong and for that, again, I’m very sorry.

Elders that acted bravely deserve respect, without question, even if one belongs to a failed generation.Thus I admire you greatly for your honorable deeds and I respect you because you’re my elder, therefore superior in age and experience.

[….] God bless you and Margi with many healthy years, comrade!


I answered:

Hi, B.

Great reply. Apology gladly accepted!

I wish to run it on my site minus all identifiers and address the Hitler-reincarnation issue. 🙂

But here is the key issue. In the interlife we are supposed to change and not be the same person when we return.

Trump’s huge problem is that he is the totally unevolved, conflict-craving, big-mouthed and bullying General Patton still! 🙁

He had just a six-month interlude (Dec. 1945-June 1946; mine lasted nine years, where I did intensive soul-searching to become a better servant of justice and love than I was!

Hitler was odd in some ways, and way too “Deutsch national.” He knew no other languages and never visited any other countries voluntarily except in war (WWI France), until his trip to Rome to see Mussolini, when he was already 48 years old!

I have no desire to be the same person, or eat pastry because he did, or have flatulence because he did from his vegetarian diet 😉

My goal is instead to be a better leader and man… and an American this time, changing this mighty superpower…so that this time we win!

And this time we MUST!

Now, you should never put yourself down, B. What a sin against yourself and an injustice! God gave you a brilliant mind and unique calling. You are the Anti-Obama! Also biracial, just as smart, but YOU are a noble idealist and a bridge between the nations!

As for respecting Americans, they are no better or worse than zombie Weimar Germans who rejected Hitler for 12 years or the West German degenerates of today.

This whole planet consists mostly of either young souls or old, degenerate souls, including 80% of the whites.

So “to understand is to forgive.” First, forgive and love yourself, and then all others. 🙂

Thanks again for a great reply and thoughtful missive, as always, young brother and friend. 🙂

You have a great destiny.

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What other English-speaking blogger speaks two foreign languages fluently (German and French) and is conversant in four more (Spanish, Swedish, Greek and Russian),

–has lived twice in Europe (Austria and France)

–had a security clearance in Marine Corps intelligence and rapid promotions,

–had a father who was a friend of several Republican presidents, and

–combines genuine spirituality with white nationalism and the vital extraterrestrial context of our whole problem



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Thank you for the Gift Card! I so enjoyed seeing my two recent visitors from the faraway Southland, but thinking also: “Soon, I will not be able to walk down the street or go into a bar and grill, unless I have bodyguards.” These are my final weeks of “freedom,” brother J. Then comes only the iron call of duty.

I am deeply grateful that you have stuck by me all this time. The supplements your gift cards (and those of another comrade) have bought have also saved Margi’s life. Even the Mayo told her in July of last year that with all of their wizardry she had only a 20% chance. So pat yourself on the back, dear brother.

— John de Nugent

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To John and Margi:

Sorry, it has been a little while since my last correspondence and contribution.

Thinking of you both during your time at the Mayo [Clinic for Margi’s cancer]. I could only imagine the stresses you’ve both been under.

We are witnessing history right now and it’s not necessarily a good thing.

Now is the time, more than ever, for positive endeavour, not least spiritually.



Southern Australia

PS Hang in there. Keep up the good fight. People ARE realising!

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  1. „[…] or have flatulence because he did from his vegetarian diet.“ I believe that this statement is not really fact-based. There is no other person about whom so many lies have been spread as about Hitler. This “factual assertion” probably served rather to link feelings of disgust with Hitler. (((They))) do the same in all other areas of life to drive wedges between us and our ancestors.

    If you, John de Nugent, should be HE, which I think is possible, then of course you may very well have internal breakthroughs from this particular phase of incarnation and remember past events, including minor events of the day, although of course I do not know whether you attribute this claim to such a memory or to an external note from a historian. If the claim of flatulence is true, however, it is absolutely unlikely that this is due to a vegetarian diet. On the contrary, meat rots, which can be alleviated with lactose.In addition, Hitler was under extreme stress and pressure as leader of the last remaining European nation against the NWO. But I am not concerned with these aspects, it is only the occasion for a side note:

    The association with disgust is one of their central main strategies to destroy us: Imagine your own home library, with a large desk and all the things you hold dear and sacred. Now someone comes along with a bucket of excrement and urine and blood and a ladle, a dustpan and a brush: he hurls the excrement against the books and everything else, he passes and coats every area and brushes the books and their insides.

    So (((they))) do it with everything to create abhorrence and disgust for what makes up our soul: with our history, with our ancestors, with our customs (Christmas etc. etc.), they always link it with horror movies and with disgust. For example, they take a woman as an actress for a state politician of past times, who holds a cigarette butt in her mouth and appears trample-drunk. They show a Christmas tree on TV, which insidiously wants to kill a man, so that even the smallest children get horror before Christmas, they show a talking Christmas shit sausage (Mr. Hankey) in South Park, etc. etc. All to create disgust and revulsion at our ancestors, our history, and our customs. Just like the eternal 24-hour propaganda garbage like: “Hitler had bad breath”, “Hitler had [this and that etc. etc.] …

    „As for respecting Americans, they are no better or worse than zombie Weimar Germans who rejected Hitler for 12 years or the West German degenerates of today.
    This whole planet consists mostly of either young souls or old, degenerate souls, including 80% of the whites.“. 100% true 🙂 ! You can transfer this 1:1 to today’s Rest-Germany [1], which is just as much a globalistic dump as the USA.
    Just as today’s USA draws on the cultural fame of past times, Rest-Germany also draws on past glory, because just as in the USA, intellectual, cultural and material substance has been used up and eaten up, the greatest possible low has already been reached, and the total economic collapse will occur in the foreseeable future.

    How shocked someone from Italy was just recently when he asked me and was stunned when he said: “Have you heard, they think Merkel is good. They = a group of native Germans on site who in private circles said that on the whole Merkel had done quite well in spite of everything, native normal people from everyday life, both educated and studied, fine and decent people from practical professional life, who have done a lot of good.

    Can you imagine that? If you hear something like that, then you know how thoroughly zombified and hopelessly made stupid by the mass media the majority of the remaining Germans (70% ?) are still politically, including now, in 2020. It sounds hard and arrogant, but it is so. These people just don’t know the background, the majority has never left the (former) (((information monopoly)) until today and informed themselves from alternative news sources on the internet. There is no difference to the USA, here and there 1:1 the same tragedy, although now more and more Americans wake up and their fight will play a decisive role worldwide (German article, translated headline: The bloody American Civil War will decide everything, “America on the brink of a civil war: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power”, ).

    „Americans, other Anglos and Russians are under very bad karma, and have A LOT to undo, and I hope that, for the betterment of all people, they’ll achieve this one day.“[2] One can hold on: These WW1 and WW2 soldiers, who caused Germany’s destruction, naturally served the wrong side. These men (and women) should very well be honored and revered as ancestors, there are numerous areas of life (job, family, everyday life etc.), but not from the point of view of their anti-German war activities, because in doing so they not only shoveled Germany but also themselves and their descendants their own grave, by destroying the last major resistance against the NWO for the time being, by destroying a country and innumerable millions of its people, who merely resisted the permanent extermination attempts from outside, which had been going on for centuries.

    On the other hand, it is of course always easy, especially in the age of the Internet, to judge hard about past times and generations. There have always been critical-thinking spirits and adversaries, John de Nugent has repeatedly portrayed US WW1 and WW2 war opponents; however, since they had no mass media, their writings were not distributed. It is, as a German once said: “The American people are basically a good, peace-loving people. And further: “Everything that happened was only possible through manipulation of the people, only through this could they be persuaded to enter the war.

    The USA and Russia were chosen by the background powers as the main power bases for the establishment of the NWO, and the mental manipulation was correspondingly extensive, so that they would participate as henchmen.

    End of the sermon. 🙂

    1] A general note: Always distinguish West Germany, Central Germany (ex-GDR) and the real East Germany correctly, many pro-Germans from the Anglosphere adopt the NWO new-speak of “East Germany”, although they mean geographically Central Germany:

    „Geography tutoring for BRD idiots: This is East Germany!“ („Geographie-Nachhilfe für BRD-Trottel: Das ist Ostdeutschland!“),

    [2] What do you think, dear letter writer and reader of the JdN website, how hard it will be for the Russian people when they have to face their own historical lies in the future, when the facts can no longer be covered up, regarding the war against Germany planned by the Russian side and the expulsion of all Germans beyond the Oder-Neisse border, both of which were planned and prepared long before WW2,[3] even in the 19th century. How hard will it be in view of the Katyn massacre[4], which was blamed on the Germans, for which German soldiers were executed, and for the many millions of Russians and other population members who were anihilated by the Russians themselves, who were blamed on the Germans (other countries also mass murdered locals and then blamed these victims on the Germans).

    In the refutation of anti-German historical lies, people of all directions and affiliations found and find themselves at the forefront, including numerous Jews,* who did not care about group membership and sensitivities, who felt exclusively committed to the truth and defended the knowledge they had gained, and were existentially ruined and in some cases even killed for it.

    The same is true for numerous Russian historians who feel obliged to the historical truth only, and who partly have to fear for their lives as well, because they refuted the Russian World War 2 myth.

    This is the outgoing age of the lie! Much of what a truly international avant-garde has been researching and discovering for many decades will now gradually reach the masses.

    * This is also the gratifying thing about JdN does not deny prevailing tendencies within certain groups and partly also races, but the ultimate criterion for him is always the single person and his deeds, the individual. And exactly these two main themes of his are of course the ones the background powers fear most: the awareness of the inner world, especially the immortality of the soul, and the overcoming of the division of the peoples/nations.

    [3] Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov

    We were not expansionist, a translated excerpt from (“Come home to the Reich”) “Komm heim ins Reich” Michael Birthelm, page 27, “PART TWO – ANALYSIS OF THE HISTORICAL PROCESS”,

    Extract: “[…] The Allied war propaganda – as
    official historiography to this day – accused the National Socialist[44] Germany to pursue an aggressive expansionist policy and to strive for world domination. At this time England had already colonial empire of 32 million square kilometers, France of 11 million square kilometers and the
    “peace-loving” Russia, which annexed between 1700 and 1900 a daily average of 104 square kilometers, had already grown to an area of over 22 million square kilometers […]”.

    [4] „WWII: The Katyn Forest Massacre (William Pierce) (deleted by Youtube)“

    Katyn Massacre

    In a German-language video it was once mentioned that the Russians carried out this massacre as a kind of retaliation for a certain event during, I believe, World War I (between Poland and Russia); unfortunately, I can no longer find this source on YouTube, so I cannot specify this point further.


    In German:

    „[…] or have flatulence because he did from his vegetarian diet.“ Ich glaube, daß diese Aussage nicht wirklich faktenbasiert ist. Über keinen Menschen wurden so viele Lügen verbreitet wie über Hitler. Diese „Fakten-Behauptung“ diente vermutlich eher dazu, Ekelgefühle mit Hitler zu verknüpfen. (((Sie))) machen das auch in allen anderen Lebensbereichen so, um Keile zwischen uns und unsere Vorfahren zu treiben.

    Wenn Sie, John de Nugent, was ich für möglich halte, ER sein sollten, dann können Sie natürlich sehr wohl innere Durchbrüche aus dieser betreffenden Inkarnationsphase haben und sich an vergangene Ereignisse erinnern, einschließlich nebensächlicher Tagesereignisse, wobei ich natürlich nicht weiß, ob Sie diese Behauptung auf solch eine Erinnerung zurückführen oder auf eine äußere Notiz von einem Historiker. Sollte die Behauptung der Flatulenzen zutreffen, dann ist es jedoch absolut unwahrscheinlich, daß dies von einer vegetarischen Ernährungsweise herrührt. Im Gegenteil, Fleisch fault, was mit Milchzucker gemildert werden kann. Zudem stand Hitler unter äußerstem Streß und Druck, als Anführer der letzten verbliebenen europäischen Nation gegen die NWO. Aber um diese Aspekte geht es mir hierbei gar nicht, es sei lediglich der Anlaß für eine Nebenbemerkung:

    Die Verknüpfung mit Ekel (Ekel-Verknüpfung) ist eine ihrer zentralen Hauptstrategien, um uns zu vernichten: Man stelle sich seine eigene Hausbibliothek vor, mit einem großen Schreibarbeitstisch und mit allen Sachen, die einem lieb und heilig sind. Nun kommt jemand daher mit einem Kübel voll Kot und Urin und Blut und einer Kelle, einer Handschaufel und einem Pinsel: Er schleudert die Exkremente gegen die Bücher und alles andere, er verstreicht und bestreicht jeden Gegendstand und bepinselt die Bücher und ihre Innenseiten.

    So machen (((sie))) es mit allem, um Abscheu und Ekel zu erzeugen vor dem, was unsere Seele ausmacht: Mit unserer Geschichte, mit unseren Vorfahren, mit unseren Bräuchen (Weihnachten usw. usf.), sie verknüpfen es immer wieder mit Horrorfilmen und mit Ekel. Sie nehmen beispielsweise eine Frau als Darstellerin für einen Staatspolitiker vergangener Zeiten, die eine Zigarettenkippe im Mund hält und trampelig-besoffen auftritt. Sie zeigen im Fernsehen einen Weihnachtsbaum, der heimtückisch einen Mann umbringen will, damit bereits die Kleinsten Horror vor Weihnachten bekommen, sie zeigen in South Park eine sprechende Weihnachts-Scheißwurst (Mr. Hankey) usw. usf. Alles nur dazu, um Ekel und Abscheu vor unseren Vorfahren, unserer Geschichte, und unseren Bräuchen zu erzeugen. Genauso der ewige 24-Stunden andauernde Propagandmüll wie: „Hitler hatte Mundgeruch“, „Hitler hatte [dies und jenes usw. usf.] …“.

    „As for respecting Americans, they are no better or worse than zombie Weimar Germans who rejected Hitler for 12 years or the West German degenerates of today.
    This whole planet consists mostly of either young souls or old, degenerate souls, including 80% of the whites.“. 100% zutreffend 🙂 ! Sie können das 1:1 auf das heutige Restdeutschland[1] übertragen, das genauso eine globalistische Müllkippe ist wie die USA.
    So, wie die heutigen USA vom kulturellen Ruhm vergangener Zeiten zehren, so zehrt auch Restdeutschland von vergangenem Ruhm, denn wie in den USA ist auch hier die geistige, kulturelle und materielle Substanz aufgebraucht und aufgezehrt, der größtmögliche Tiefstand wurde bereits erreicht, der wirtschaftliche Totalzusammenbruch wird in absehbarer Zeit erfolgen.

    Wie schockiert war erst kürzlich jemand aus Italien als er mich fragte und fassungslos feststellte: „Hast du gehört, sie finden Merkel gut.“ Sie = eine Gruppe einheimischer Deutscher vor Ort die im privaten Kreis meinten, daß es Merkel insgesamt trotz allem recht gut gemacht hätte, einheimische normale Menschen aus dem Alltagsleben, sowohl Ausgebildete als auch Studierte, feine und anständige Menschen aus dem praktischen Berufsleben, die viel Gutes geleistet haben.

    Können Sie sich das vorstellen? Wenn Sie soetwas mitbekommen, dann wissen Sie, wie durch und durch zombifiziert und rettungslos massenmedienverblödet die Mehrheit der Restdeutschen (70% ?) in politischer Hinsicht immer noch ist, einschließlich jetzt, im Jahr 2020. Das klingt hart, arrogant und überheblich, aber es ist so. Diese Menschen kennen halt die Hintergründe nicht, die Mehrheit hat bis heute niemals das (ehemalige) (((Informationsmonopol))) verlassen und sich aus alternativen Nachrichtenquellen im Internet informiert. Da gibt es keinen Unterschied zu den USA, hüben wie drüben 1:1 dasselbe Trauerspiel, wiewohl jetzt immer mehr Amerikaner aufwachen und ihr Kampf eine weltweit entscheidende Rolle spielen wird (deutschsprachiger Artikel, übersetzte Schlagzeile: The bloody American Civil War will decide everything, “America on the brink of a civil war: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power.“, ).

    „Americans, other Anglos and Russians are under very bad karma, and have A LOT to undo, and I hope that, for the betterment of all people, they’ll achieve this one day.“[2] Man kann festhalten: Diese WW1- und WW2-Soldaten, die Deutschlands Vernichtung bewirkten, dienten natürlich der falschen Seite. Diese Männer (und Frauen) sollten sehr wohl als Vorfahren geehrt und verehrt werden, es gibt zahlreiche Lebensbereiche (Beruf, Familie, Alltag usw. usf), nicht jedoch unter dem Aspekt ihrer antideutschen Kriegsaktivitäten, denn damit haben sie nicht nur Deutschland sondern auch sich und ihren Nachfahren das eigene Grab geschaufelt, indem sie den vorläufig letzten größeren Widerstand gegen die NWO vernichtet haben, indem Sie ein Land und unzählige Millionen seines Volkes vernichteten, das sich lediglich gewehrt hat gegen die seit Jahrhunderten andauernden permanenten Vernichtungsversuche von außen.

    Andererseits ist es natürlich immer leicht, noch dazu im Zeitalter des Internets, hart über vergangene Zeiten und Generationen zu urteilen. Es gab zu allen Zeiten kritisch-denkende Geister und Widersacher, John de Nugent hat immer wieder US-amerikanische WW1- und WW2-Kriegsgegner porträtiert; da diese keine Massenmedien hatten, fanden ihre Schriften jedoch keine Verbreitung. Es ist, wie es mal ein Deutscher sagte: „Das amerikanische Volk ist grundsätzlich ein gutes, friedliebendes Volk.“ Und sinngemäß weiter: Alles, was geschah, war nur durch Manipulation der Menschen möglich, nur dadurch konnte man sie zum Eintritt in den Krieg bewegen.

    Die USA und Rußland wurden nun mal von den Hintergrundmächten als Hauptmachtbasen auserkoren, zur Errichtung der NWO, entsprechend umfassend war auch die geistige Manipulation, damit diese als Handlanger mitmachen würden.

    Ende der Predigt. 🙂


    [1] Ein genereller Hinweis: Westdeutschland, Mitteldeutschland (Ex-DDR) und das echte Ostdeutschland immer korrekt voneinander unterscheiden, viele Pro-deutsche aus der Anglosphäre übernehmen nämlich das NWO-Neusprech von „Ostdeutschland“, obwohl sie geographisch Mitteldeutschland meinen: „Geographie-Nachhilfe für BRD-Trottel: Das ist Ostdeutschland!“

    [2] Was meinen Sie, sehr geehrter Briefschreiber und Leser der JdN-Webseite, wie hart es für das Russische Volk werden wird, wenn es sich seinen eigenen Geschichtslügen in der Zukunft stellen muß, wenn die Fakten nicht mehr länger zugedeckt werden können, hinsichtlich des von russischer Seite geplanten Krieges gegen Deutschland und der Vertreibung aller Deutschen jenseits der Oder-Neiße-Grenze, was beides bereits lange vor WW2 geplant und vorbereitet wurde,[3] sogar schon im 19. Jahrhundert. Wie hart wird es auch werden hinsichtlich des Massakers von Katyn[4], das man Deutschen in die Schuhe schob, für das man deutsche Militärs hinrichten ließ, und für die vielen eigenen Millionen vernichteten Russen und anderen Volksangehörigen, die man den Deutschen anlastete (auch andere Länder massenmordeten Einheimische und schoben diese Opfer dann den Deutschen zu).

    Bei der Widerlegung antideutscher Geschichtslügen fanden und finden sich Menschen aller Richtungen und Zugehörigkeiten an der Spitze, auch zahlreiche Juden,* die sich nicht um Gruppenzugehörigkeit und Befindlichkeiten kümmern, die sich ausschließlich der Wahrheit verpflichtet fühlten und ihre gewonnene Erkenntnisse verteidigten, und dafür existentiell ruiniert und teilweise sogar dafür umgebracht wurden.

    Genauso verhält es sich mit zahlreichen russischen Geschichtsforschern, die sich nur der historischen Wahrheit verpflichtet fühlen, und die teilweise ebenso um ihr Leben fürchten müssen, weil sie den russischen Weltkrieg-2-Mythos widerlegten.

    Dies ist das ausgehende Zeitalter der Lüge! Vieles von dem, was eine wahrlich internationale Avantgarde schon seit vielen Jahrzehnten erforschte und feststellte, wird jetzt nach und nach auch die Massen erreichen.

    * Das ist auch das erfreuliche an JdN bestreitet nicht vorherrschende Tendenzen innerhalb bestimmter Gruppen und teilweise auch Rassen, letztliches Kriterium ist für ihn aber immer der einzelne Mensch und seine Taten, das Individuum. Und genau diese zwei Hauptthemen von ihm fürchten die Hintergrundmächte natürlich am meisten: Die Bewußtwerdung um die innere Welt, insbesondere die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, sowie die Überwindung der Spaltung der Völker.

    [3] Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov

    Nicht wir waren expansionistisch, ein Auszug: „Komm heim ins Reich“, Michael Birthelm, Seite 27, „2. TEIL –
    Auszug: „[…] Die alliierte Kriegspropaganda – als
    offizielle Geschichtsschreibung bis heute fortgeführt – bezichtigte das nationalsozialistische[44] Deutschland, eine aggressive expansionistische Politik zu betreiben und die
    Weltherrschaft anzustreben. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte sich England bereits ein Kolonialreich von 32 Mio. qkm, Frankreich von 11 Mio. qkm geschaffen und das „friedliebende“ Rußland, welches zwischen 1700 und 1900 täglich durchschnittlich 104 qkm annektiert hatte, war schon auf eine Fläche von über 22 Mio. qkm angewachsen […]“

    [4] „WWII: The Katyn Forest Massacre (William Pierce) (deleted by Youtube)“

    Katyn Massacre

    In einem deutschsprachigen Video wurde mal erwähnt, daß die Russen dieses Massaker als eine Art Vergeltungsaktion ausgeübt hätten, für ein Ereignis während des, ich glaube ersten Weltkrieges (zwischen Polen und Russen); leider finde ich gegenwärtig diese Quelle nicht mehr bei Youtube, so daß ich diesen Punkt nicht spezifizieren kann.

    • Thanks for your comment, as always.

      But I stand by my comment on digestive issues for multiple reasons.

      As I never tire of repeating, any great man who comes back exactly the same as before has shamefully wasted his interlife. We can grow and transform ourselves incredibly if we take to heart the life-review video.

      My realization of the gigantic Russian error led me to reach out in this life, this time around, not only to the Slavs, but also to non-whites and even to jews (ex-jews who are anti-Talmudic), to pro-white gays (who are not militants for the NWO or “proud”) and to others.

      “We all have our cross to bear.”

      In fact, we are all spirits on a human journey, here to learn, to love and to grow.

      To outgrow the old traits….

      Anyone who knows about Adolf knows that he was privately very kind, adoring children, and a superb listener, and very interested in all kinds of truth, including the spiritual.

      But this incarnation now is when all this comes more to the fore. I see that the warlord persona terrified all the other nations, and aided the jews to demonize me (and Germany) as gemeingefährlich, a “public danger.” My raucous speaking voice (where mustard-gas damage was audible, as it was in my great uncle in this life, Herbert Dodge, an American WWI Army soldier who was gassed and once told me bitterly how Wilson had promised “This is the war to end all wars” 😉 ) ) and also the guttural sound of the German language also helped our enemies.

      My own mother in this life told me Hitler’s voice scared her as a little girl, and her own mother was secretly very pro-NS and germanophile.

      The movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” was a huge inner event for me, showing a man who realized there is a damaged inner child in most of us who has lots of healing to do so he can be a fine adult and at peace with himself. His goal was to not be “scary” as he got adult people to face the truth, to go deeper, to realize their childhood pain was still torturing them, to choose instead to “be in the now,” and nobly let it go, forgiving our parents as we forgive ourselves.

      Many Germans who were raised in the harsh old way are in this category — covering over the hurt, especially with obsessive work.

      Btw, the French raise their kids very well and without this harshness. I saw it. And in general, adult kids in France do not hate their parents. We can learn from our celtic and mediterranean cousins, just as they can from us. 🙂

      Freedom from our own inner tyrant, the egoic mind, means we can learn from everyone — while staying proudly just who we are. 🙂 Proud Americans, Germans, Frenchies, Italians, Poles and Russians. 🙂

      First, we forgive ourselves, then we forgive our brothers and cousins for what the egoic mind drove us all to do in the sorry past to each other.

      As Jesus said on the cross of the Roman soldiers: “They know not what they do.”

      There is something noble wanting to come out in so many of us.

      And there is the 5% of psychopaths with no nobility in them at all. We must be both yin and yang. Tough love means seeing that there are some people who are wicked to the core, “incurable and untreatable,” and they need to get off our planet. We will help them to do this.

  2. Già,che affronto a Dio comprendere tutte le nostre Vite.
    Ma quando Dio vuole…
    è solo la sua volontà!È lui che decide tutto.
    Quando capiranno che Dio lavora segretamente e con tanta precisione?!A volte è più semplice dire “Sei pazzo”..
    È facile giudicare,è difficile dimostrare ciò che non si può comprendere facilmente.
    Non ho mai avuto dubbi sulla tua precedente reincarnazione.
    Neanche una volta.
    Già…percezione sottile.
    Ho solo avuto timore che mi avresti attaccata…questo si!
    Per fortuna ho superato questo timore…e sono diventata “molto” più rompiscatole 😉
    Perché non mi hai mai attaccata come fai con gli altri?
    Non voglio esagerare con questa parola…ma si,hai capito.
    Forse una mezza volta(la questione dei cani e dei leoni)ma non era neanche un vero attacco.
    Era solo un mio stato d’animo e una mia errata percezione,probabilmente.

    • Transl:

      Yes, I confront God in order to understand all our current and previous lives. But when God wants … it is only his will! It is he who decides everything.

      When will they understand that God works secretly and with such precision ?! Sometimes it is easier to say “You are crazy” to believe in all this. .. It is so easy to judge, and difficult to prove what cannot be easily understood.

      I never had any doubts about your previous reincarnation. Not even once.
      Yes… a subtle perception.

      I was just afraid you would criticize me, too! Luckily I overcame this fear … and I became “much” more of a pain in the ass with some comments. Why didn’t you ever attack me like you do others? I don’t want to exaggerate with this word … but yes, you understand.

      It was just my state of mind and my wrong perception, probably.


      As in my last life, I can forgive an Alte Kämpferin almost any small thing. My honor too is loyalty. 🙂


  3. Ora lo sai che non ti tradirei mai.
    (È vero,non sono mai stata messa alle strette dal nemico in questa vita,anche se ho rischiato su altre questioni.)
    Il mio onore è la lealtà!
    La mia promessa di Fede,quella di un vecchio guerriero che ha finalmente incrociato la tua strada e che ha sempre sposato la tua causa di libertà e verità spirituale.

    • Transl:

      Now you know I would and could never betray you.

      (True, I have never been cornered by the (((enemy))) yet in this life, although I have taken risks on other matters.)

      My honor is loyalty!

      My promise of Faith, that of an old warrior who has finally crossed your path and who has always espoused your cause of freedom and spiritual truth.


      Thank you so much, comrade. Through my book, videos, and sayings, and in the afterlife, I will be with you forever.

  4. Resterai qui,con me…Dio mi ascolta perché lo sa che sono tenace 🙂
    Non pensare a queste cose,ora sorridi..
    -Sono i tre padroni del pianeta(Trump,Putin,Xi Jinping)e vogliono estendere ancora la propria influenza.Ma dietro l’ostentazione di forza si nascondo tre giganti in realtà fragili.
    07 Dicembre,2017 – Giornale italiano L’Espresso.
    Se la stanno facendo addosso! 😉
    Ora so che sono sempre stati coalizzati..

    • Transl:

      You will stay here, with me … God listens to me because he knows I’m tenacious 🙂

      on’t think about these things, now smile ..

      -These are the three masters of the planet (Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping) and they want to further extend their influence, but behind the ostentatious displays of strength these are three fragile giants — LOL

      07 December, 2017 – Italian newspaper L’Espresso.

      They’re wearing it! 😉

      Now I know they have always been united ..

  5. Quando mi è apparsa la foto e questa dichiarazione…sono morta dalle risate!
    Ora mi rendo conto che questi attacchi sono dichiarazioni di paura…
    Io mi diverto da morire!
    Almeno le uso come prove per deriderli…

    • Transl:

      When the photo appeared and this statement … I died with laughter!

      Now I realize that these attacks are declarations of fear …

      I enjoy myself to hell!

      At least I use them as evidence to mock them …

    • Transl:

      Listen to this song; 1950 was probably the year that had reaped all the fruits of Fascism … don’t you think? For a short time anyway, because later Italy was sold off a little at a time.

      Same fate for your America ..


      Thank you. Beautiful video…

      And, yes, the reconstruction of Italy and of Germany was by the fascist and NS generation!

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