Riots in Italy; Aussie cop chokes maskless girl; high percentage of Trump voters (who were 80 MILLION in 2020!) see anti-white discrimination; 82% want “strong leader to crush the Left”; 69% say Biden stole the election; 64% my race is important; 34% believe in the necessity of violence; 34% of Midwest, 66% of South want the US to break up!

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LOL, A voter “greet” Joe Biden and his motorcade

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1922 announcement of the new NSDAP anthem, “Germany, Awaken,” by Dietrich Eckart




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…..The dreaded n-word! LOL

…The only word for this brutal cop is PIG

What can you do with a guy like this who manhandles and chokes a yong, short white female, and an innocent citizen who refuses the pointless yet toxic Covidiot mask??

He’s a fucking psychopath, a tyrant, and a traitor to his people in time of war.


….Riots in Italy against “Green Pass”

(found on VK)

Silvano Trotta:

“It’s been a few days since I gave you any more news from Italy, but things are getting hot here!

So much so that the Italian intelligence services alerted the government of the NWO banker Draghi [THE ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER]:

“The Health Pass legislation has no public-health function, but instead this introduction of the vaccination obligation stands in flagrant violation of national and supranational regulations. There is a real possibility of large-scale social revolts that will be complicated to manage. ”

Do you realize what they’re writing to this rotten leader?

(Reminder: In Italy, the health pass will be in effect for all on October 15 [in six days]!

The investment banker Draghi wanted to do even more [to crush the people] than the investment banker Macron in France — all to please their masters! ”

……White American populist-constitutional Christians are totally fed up, want a new leader

All Trump does is whine and beg the Demoncraps to get rid of the very Dominion voting software that put them in contr of the White House and Congress! LOL!



Occidental Dissent

Poll: 84% of Trump Voters Are Worried About Anti-White Discrimination

Yet another devastating poll for the antiracist Christians and anti-Christian White Nationalists was released this morning:

University of Virginia:

The poll shows what we have long pointed out on this website. The overwhelming majority of Americans who have a positive sense of White racial identity are Christians. It is the same constituency which is worried about both the decline of Christianity and White people in America.

If this rings a bell, it is because that YouGov poll in January found a very similar result. The same constituency of Trump voters is alarmed about the attacks on Christianity and also feel persecuted for being White.

The YouGov survey asked some more penetrating questions:

It found that Trump voters say that both their racial and ethnic identity and especially their religious identity was very important to their personal identity. When given the option to say that their racial identity doesn’t matter and is completely irrelevant, only a minority agreed.

The poll asked Trump voters about the threat posed by White Nationalists and Antifa. It found strong animus toward Antifa and little animus toward White Nationalists. The typical Trump supporting normie now sees Antifa as being their enemy. This wasn’t true at the time of Charlottesville.

In related news, I recently put together a Twitter thread which shows just how radicalized Trump voters have become since Blumpf lost the 2020 election. There has been a big shift on lots of issues.

New York Times:

“P.R.R.I. also tested agreement or disagreement with a view that drives “replacement theory” — “Immigrants are invading our country and replacing our cultural and ethnic background” — and found that 60 percent of Republicans agreed, as do 55 percent of conservatives.

The Reuters/Ipsos data showed that among white Republicans, those without college degrees were far more likely to agree “that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump,” at 69 percent, than white Republicans with college degrees, at a still astonishing 51 percent. The same survey data showed that the level of this belief remained consistently strong (60 percent plus) among Republicans of all ages living in rural, suburban or urban areas. …”

60% of Republican voters now believe in the Great Replacement.

69% of White non-college voters who supported Trump are convinced that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. 51% of White college educated voters who supported Trump agree with them. 60% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

In August, this poll found widespread support for secession with 66% of Southern Republicans and 50% of Southern Independents in support of the idea. 44% of Southern voters would support disunion.

Maybe that poll was an outlier though?

No, a separate University of Virginia poll found that a quarter of Trump voters strongly support the dissolution of the Union and over half of Trump voters are somewhat supportive of the idea at the present moment. The same poll found that 82% of Trump voters want a strong leader to crush the Left.

Here is another recent poll which I saw in the Washington Post that measured attitudes toward the opposing party:

Washington Post:

In lots of other areas, your run of the mill Trump voter have changed their views over the past two years and mostly in a good way:

We’ve seen lots of polls about increasing openness to political violence. There has been a huge change on this front over the last five years.

Business Insider:

“Less than a year after a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol, nearly half of Republican voters (47%) say that “a time will come when patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands,” per a new nationwide survey by George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. …

The poll also found that a majority of Republicans (55%) say “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast we may have to use force to save it.” About 15% of Democrats agreed with this statement, but more Americans disagreed (46%) than agreed (34%). …”

Over half of Republican voters now say in some polls that force might be necessary to save the traditional American way of life. Once again, this is another startling recent change.

In sum, the idea that White identity and Christianity are incompatible flies in the face of 1.) pretty much all of American history in which populist and ethnonationalist movements like the Klan have been Christian and 2.) all the polls which continue to show that the two are still strongly linked in our own times. While it is true that there is a loud chorus of anti-Christian White Nationalists on the internet, there is no reason to believe that these people are representative of either the “radical right” in America or even White people in America who have a positive sense of racial identity who also value their religious identity.

AmRen conducted its own poll earlier this year and found the same underlying reality. It was also released last month:

Major findings:

White racial conservatives (26 percent of white Americans) outnumber white racial liberals (16.8 percent).

A majority of whites in the Republican Party are racial conservatives.

Measured according to which issues are most important to them, white racial conservatives feel more strongly than white racial liberals about racial issues.

White identity is important to many whites across the political spectrum, but the strength of that identification influences their political views. In general, white Republicans and conservatives are much more likely to say that their race is extremely important or very important to their identity.

White Americans as a whole are trending to the right and have been doing so — at least in terms of partisan identification — for several decades. This trend continues under President Biden.

Racial issues were the top driver of ideological change among whites over the past decade. …”

Over half of Trump voters have been radicalized to some degree.

There has been a big shift in consciousness over the past five years. It seems to have accelerated over the last two years. The George Floyd riots, COVID, the rollout of systematic racism, Trump losing the election and to be sure the scenes unfolding at the border have pushed millions of people over the edge. It is not really surprising given the fact that normies began the year by storming the Capitol.

Anyway, the upshot of this post is that marginalized ideas tend to reach a tipping point and then begin to spread rapidly. This seems to be what is happening with many of our ideas on the Right with the assistance of Joe Biden and the “journalists.” The violence, censorship, civil lawsuits and repression by the “intelligence community” hasn’t stopped this. They have increased the dosage of anti-whiteness to the point where it is destabilizing the system. It is just too obvious now that antiracism is an anti-White elite ideology.






    • Ho [] anche un prete che voleva chiudere il portone della Chiesa. Ci ha mandato a quel paese e io l’ho chiamato “figlio di puttana”.
      Lo avrei picchiato senza pietà se non mi avessero bloccata.
      Ero furiosa!

      • Transl:

        I [] also have a priest who wanted to close the door of the Church. He sent us to that country and I called him “son of a bitch”.
        I would have beaten him mercilessly if they hadn’t stopped me.
        I was furious!

    • Transl:

      [Article about an Italian movie star, Jared Leto, who found himself in the mdidle of a battle between Roman riot police and anti-Green Pass demonstrators]

      Is he complaining and about what?
      I too breathed that poison …
      We were far away.
      The gases were fired at them with special rifles at enormous distance …
      They bathed the demonstrators …
      They were the ones who provoked everyone like this, who beat a 70-year-old senior.
      They are worms in uniform …

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