WHY I AM SURE OF VICTORY; Vienna: Pro-vaxx Establishment pol collapses at podium in mid-speech; Victoria, Australia: $5,OOO fine on un-jabbed workers and $5O,OOO fine per worker on the employer

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…..In 1932

We became by far the biggest party in Germany, and in January 1933 we took power.

Why? Same things then as now ..

  • Fear of the rise of communism
  • Poverty, hunger, street crime, pedophilia, unemployment, growing economic collapse
  • Disgust with the corrupt, squabbling, ineffective political parties
  • Despair, fear, suicides and suicidal thoughts (very widespread in both 1932 and 2021)

Now, since 1965 the American CIA has been using its own phrase,conspiracy theory,” to discredit us truthers.

It launched this toxic wording after 1965  polls showed that 80% of the American people were not “buying” the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination, which framed the innocent Kennedy fan Lee Harvey Oswald for the killing.

The CIA itself carried out the murder with the full backing of Israel and crypto-jew Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

(Israel was on board because Kennedy was stopping the Jews from getting The Bomb. Johnson, as a Jew, sided with IsraHell ….and also knew from FBI Director Hoover, a close personal friend and literal neighbor, that the Kennedys were going to get him indicted on multiple criminal charges and then removed as Vice President.)

Anyway, the idea that there could be a nationwide conspiracy involving many people who all could keep their mouth shut was always ridiculed by the very CIA which is itself one big conspiracy and murder factory !

And in 1965 any suggestion there might also be  “international” conspiracies was depicted as being even more “far-fetched.”

So now I wish to thank the Jewish Deep State. Why?

The 2020 Stealection and the fake January 6 “insurrection” have turned 80 million Trump voters into believers in nationwide conspiracies, plots which involved hundreds or thousands of agents: media, FBI, Supreme Court, lower judges, election boards, voting software makers, senators, congressmen, and armies of crooked poll workers.

And all across the entire white world, the simultaneous Coronavirus tyranny and at the same time CRT (critical race theory) have demonstrated  to the white masses that INTERNATIONAL conspiracies are also a reality.

Lockdowns wordlwide, masks, “disinfo” censorship, deplatforming, and now mass firings …. and the soaring violence by leftists of all races against all Whites — have now debunked the CIA’s lies in that regard as well.

Yes, there are now recognized international plots!

What remains now to appear is the leader and his message.

About race, the Jews, migrants and vaccines.

Just call me the human Ivermectin — good on parasites



…..Member of Austrian Parliament keels over

The Socialist Eva Holzleitner, the  feminism & LGBTQ speaker of her leftist party, had just boasted on Instagram (an offshoot of Zuckerberg’s Facebook) of getting her clot-shot and claimed that “vaccine concerns are groundless.”

You just got some Instant Karma, baby….


…..Draconian fines in Commustralia



The fascist [sic] regime in Victoria announced at 11:59pm October 7, 2021 that the majority of the workforce in Victoria must have their first vaccination and second vaccination on dates ranging from October 10, 2021 to October 26, 2021,  depending on their occupation.

A letter was sent to employers telling them that by October 15, 2021 they were to go around to every employee, with a  “Stasi”- style ledger,  and record which staff members were vaccinated and those who were not. If the employee’s vaccination status was not determined, then they were to be recorded as unvaccinated. If unvaccinated employees have not had their first vaccination by October 22, 2021, or have not made an appointment to do so, then they are fined $5000.00AUD. The employer is fined $50,000.00AUD if they fail to sack the employee.

It was then announced a day or two later that police, security guards, court workers and lawyers would be exempt from the vaccination order so that they can remain employed. These “health authorities” have no jurisdiction over judges and magistrates, therefore they are also exempt.

[Link to Victoria, Australia covid vaccine mandates.]

So, for many, we pretty much have full Martial Law in Melbourne, Victoria. Will the next phase be food shortages and possible cyber attack?




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