What it’s like in a 20% muslim country (France)

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“The bloody prize list …… .. from March 7 to 13, 2021:



AN ORDINARY WEEK in “diverse” France….

“At least we are the [soccer/football] champions of the world”

Melun (77)  : giant brawl at the train station between 30 to 40 “young people”, mortar fire, rail traffic interrupted
>  Noisy-le-Sec (93)  : a woman seriously burned in a bus after being sprayed with petrol/gasoline ( Video )
>  Rillieux-la-Pape (69)  : the mayor again threatened with beheading

Jew Edwy Plenel: “What a chance for France to be the first muslim country in Europe!!”

Maisons-Laffitte (78)  : around fifteen “young people” aged 17 to 18 attacked passengers on an RER [Paris commuter train] while proudly filming the abuse
>  Rozay-en-Brie (77)  : he points his dummy weapon at the throat of  a teacher and threatens about fifty schoolchildren
>  Maurepas (78)  : the  police come under mortar fire
>  Élancourt (78) : the police station targeted by mortar fire
>  Coignières (78)  : the firefighters and the police come under mortar fire
>  Verneuil-sur-Seine (78) : the police recover bladed weapons such as knives, hammers and iron bars as well as kits to make Molotov cocktails in caches, they are hit by projectiles

“How are babies made?” (from a jewish publishing house called “Nathan”)

ncenis (44)  : a 21-year-old “youth” accused of having repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl; he was already convicted last year for sexual assault and is being indicted for rape in another affair
>  Montbéliard (25)  : tensions in the Little Holland district on the sidelines of the shooting of a rap video; a hundred people confront the police
>  Mons-en-Baroeul (59)  : the BAC [police] chased by about fifty young people during a video shoot ( Video )
>  Menton (06)  : “very violent” migrants lock themselves in the train, two police officers injured
>  Le Perreux-sur-Marne (94) : refusing police frisking, two individuals already known to the police services run over a policeman, drag him for several meters and engage in a car chase

“Veiled, French, muslim woman — if this bothers you, leave MY country!”

Toulouse (31)  : police officers attacked during an arrest in the La Reynerie district, they receive multiple projectiles
>  Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (34)  : Two brothers sentenced for lynching a 24-year-old student, families had pressured them not to press charges. “I hit him, hit him, and hit him. I kept hitting him.”
>  Lyon (69)  : the district mayor of the second arrondissement [district] insulted and threatened by a dozen “youths”
>  Montbéliard (25)  : two policewomen beaten nd kicked in the face by an Afghan migrant
>  Échirolles (38) : he gets annoyed when he sees his window broken and receives three stab wounds from a “youth,” 20 years old
>  Échirolles (38)  : a man injured from several stab wounds in the middle of the street

Rhône (69)  : in six months, Bassem Saadaoui, already convicted 17 times, had committed 23 burglaries in Lyon and Villeurbanne
>  Dijon (21)  : fireworks and projectiles fired at the police and firefighters in Les Grésilles
>  Pont -de-Chéruy (38)  : three wounded, some of them with bladed weapons, in a fight involving “several families of the Turkish community”Video )
>  Longvic (21)  : three years in prison for a Congolese who had lynched his landlady whom he suspected of witchcraft
>  Agen (47)  : violent fight between two groups in a street in the city center; “five men” beat another individual
>  Goussainville (95)  : a man seriously injured in the head after a fight
>  Homécourt (54) . Cars burned at night, damage, wild rodeos: anger is mounting
>  Toulon (83)  : two teenagers injured by knives after a brawl near the train station.
>  Toulon (83)  : a police station targeted by a gunshot, the bullet went through an office window where a police officer was working

Cartoon: Jew with LICRA (ADL) promotes the muslims, but it turns sour: “Yesterday: No to racism, antisemitism and the extreme right”/ “Today:  “No to the new antisemitism [ = by muslims]; [pow!]

Caen (14)  : an individual who uttered racist insults towards “the whites” on trial for rebellion, contempt and violence against the police
>  Clermont (60)  : gendarmes targeted by mortar fire after a crowd forms
>  Dijon (21)  : a man seriously injured in the neck after having received a saber cut, a suspect “very unfavorably known to the police” arrested
>  Reims (51)  : At Croix-Rouge, the violence continues despite the “facelift” of the district due to unheard-of public investment. “Figures that make you dizzy. Between 2019 and 2024, the sum of 365 million euros (including tax) will be invested in the [migrant-infested] Croix-Rouge, Orgeval, Châtillons and Europe districts (…) ”
Mantes-la-Jolie (78)  : they drive right over him and leave him for dead ( Video )
>  Chabanière (69)  : the hook-up on a gay dating site turns into a bloodbath, Ceylan Ibliker stabs his victim 263 times with scissors

[That’s it — we need to ban scissors!]

Chambéry (73)  : Anxhelo Dardha, Florjan Geraj, Dejvid Sharki, Orgest Dhembi and Enriko Gjonaj managed their heroin trafficking from prison
>  Montpellier (34)  : dealers tried to recover their bag full of drugs in a school
>  Marseille (13)  : justice ordered the department to take care of unaccompanied minors
>  Urban riots Lyon (69) : eight months in prison for the young Sefedinne D., 20 years old
>  Champigny-sur-Marne (94)  : two teenagers in critical condition after being wounded by knives during a clash between gangs
>  Seine-Saint- Denis (93)  : a couple and their son, suspected of theft and concealment of vehicles that were to be shipped to Africa
>  Nantes (44)  : With the Covid curfew, delinquents are more discreet and Arabic interpreters, sadly, have less work. “When burglars are arrested, you see, they are very often (…) migrants”
>  Saint-Denis (93)  : ten perpetrators of robbery at the front door, aged 16 to 18, were arrested; the gang had more than 70 victims
>  Paris (75)  : violent brawl between around sixty people near the Jean de La Fontaine high school; five wounded
>  Bagneux (92)  : two police officers trying to stop a young person on a stolen scooter attacked by around thirty individuals armed with iron bars
>  Dreux (28)  : An Afghan convicted of sexually assaulting a maintenance worker in an Adoma home. He is also indicted for attempted murder in another case
>  Paris (75)  : a policewoman sexually assaulted by a 27-year-old Pakistani in the RER [commuter train] D
>  Tours (37)  : a migrant convicted of stabbing his roommate
>  Paris (75) : several sexual assaults at the Palais de la femme  [“Palace of Women”] since its opening to all sexes following the admission of transgender men
>  Saint-Herblain (44)  : Bac police stoned by a dozen “youths”
>  Roubaix (59 )  : at least one police officer and one local resident injured after clashes with a gang of “young people”
>  Épinal (88)  : faced with new mortar fire, the police shout they are fed up with the “lack of firmness” of the judicial system
>  Lagny-sur-Marne (77)  : the police officers targeted by mortar fire after a stormy arrest
>  Saint-Fons (69)  : stoned during an intervention, the police replied with rubber bullets
>  Paris (75)  : Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian unaccompanied minors represent more than 75% of minors referred to the court system since the Covid lockdowns ended
>  Carcassonne (11)  : “I did not know that this was a drug-dealing location, Madam Judge! », says Zakaria, already convicted several times
>  Carcassonne (11)  : A municipal police squad stoned and insulted at Fleming. “Dirty, shitty cops, by Allah we will kill you all!”

>  Salvagnac (81)  : a brawl between “young people” breaks out, one of them is seriously injured in the head
>  Mulhouse (68)  : Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan, already indicted for theft, was also prosecuted under a different identity for a case in Strasbourg
Bourg-en-Bresse (01)  : humiliated, Smail Zounouh  disfigured her boyfriend with a knife
>  Avignon (84)  : Gokhhan Altintac demanded cake and to snort coke in police custody
>  Bruges (33)  : a man attacked with a knife in the street

Roubaix (59)  : new violence, with car fires and mortar fire following an intervention by the police the day before
>  Poitiers (86)  : a high school student attacked by a gang after school
>  Besançon (25 )  : a young man stabbed in the tram by other teenagers
>  Chesnay-Rocquencourt (78)  : a 14-year-old boy defends his hgih-school teacher, who was insulted in class, and is beaten up when he leaves the building
>  Argenteuil (95)  : Alisha, 14 years old, drowns after being hit on the head and thrown into the Seine. Two teenagers arrested and remanded for murder; they had published nude photos of her which made her furious, so they killed her
>  Lyon and Feyzin (69) : new urban violence with burnt vehicles ( Video )
>  Rezé (44)  : “Wearing jogging clothes”, he attacked at least ten women aged between 14 and 80
>  Bondy (93)  : the reinstatement in high school due to “a procedural defect” of a schoolboy who had been excluded after he stabbed someone is not upheld
>  Saint-Denis (93)  : a “youth” of 15 years in police custody for having hit a school principal
>  La Valla-en- Gier (42)  : two educators attacked and a vehicle set on fire by “young people” in a secured educational center
>  Sarcelles (95)  : the police station again targeted by fireworks
Nice (06)  : a 16-year-old teenager between life and death after being stabbed, two individuals arrested
>  Monteux (84)  : two firefighters stabbed during an intervention
>  Bordeaux (33)  : Abderrahim Aaguida, already convicted 39 times, was sentenced to six months in prison for having stripped an 86-year-old woman who had died at the scene of a car accident
>  Aucamville (31)  : they smash four cars, rob two houses and slash a victim with a knife
>  Givors (69)  : a female teacher receives three punches from a student, her colleagues exercise their right to withdraw with pay from their school
>  Villeurbanne (69) : a student throws a big stone at a teacher, the teachers on strike
>  Vandeuvre-lès-Nancy (54)  : two police officers attacked, including a lynching on the ground, by about twenty “young people” while they were trying to arrest a dangerous individual
>  Metz (57)  : a 15 year old teenager wanted to “kill a teacher”, armed with a 30 cm knife, he was arrested in his high school
>  Saint-Éloi-de-Fourques (27)  : Little tyrants, aged 6 to 7, tyrannize over other students and teachers. The mayor appeals not to “stigmatize them”
>  Lyon (69)  : a student of the Saint-Louis-Saint-Bruno high school was injured with a knife and a crutch by a group outside the high school
Saint-Martin-la-Plaine (42)  : Recurring incivilities that annoy local residents. “We came to settle in the village to find peace… We fear for our children”
>  Roubaix (59)  : Accused of Islamic proselytism, a youth association must repay 25,000 euros in subsidies to the regional government. The town hall had paid them 64,000 euros but is waiting to rule on this issue.
>  Clermont-Ferrand (63)  : A Congolese, who defines himself as an “anti-white racist”, tries to attack a woman in the tram then attacks police officers. “I hate France,” he says.

>  Mulhouse (68) : Mohamed and Kamel, in an irregular situation, sentenced to 6 and 10 months in prison. “Stealing and swindling is their main activity”
>  Rillieux-la-Pape (69)  : municipal police officers targeted by stone throwing, a minor arrested
>  Saint-Étienne (42)  : a man wounded by a stabbing near the Palais de Justice [courthouse]
>  Clermont-Ferrand (63)  : Azeri, compulsive stalker, sentenced to ten months suspended prison sentence
>  Savigny-le-Temple (77)  : the isolated minor migrant pickpocket targeted the phones of women through the ‘Île-de-France
>  Villepinte (93)  : Zyed B. and Djiguiba D. sentenced to 10 years in prison for acts of torture on a fellow prisoner
>  Douai (59)  : in prison, Rashid attacks Mohamed with a knife in the shower, judicial system is engaged
>  Créteil (94)  : five 16-year-old teenagers arrested for acts of torture on 12-year-old victims
>  Limoges (87)  : a  Mahorais  convicted of having kidnapped and raped a young woman during a burglary

Marseille (13)  : a man taken into custody after having burned his dog to the 3rd degree, already known for “gang rape, meetings, thefts, identity theft…”
>  Paris (75)  : Bosnian [muslim] pickpockets steal the wallet of a police commander in the Metro [subway]
>  Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise (62)  : fight and stabbing in the Carrefour Market parking lot, three injured
>  Angoulême (16)  : Mouhcine sentenced for having shot Hamza in the thigh, while he was in an apartment with Amine and Aymane (both shot dead a month later)
>  Coquelles (62)  : a Sudanese migrant injured after a clash with another migrant
>  Angoulême (16) : the police are pelted with projectiles while wanting to arrest a man who had already stoned them earlier in the day
>  Montargis (45)  : a Turkish swindler whose criminal record had 19 entries posed as a “lawyer”
>  Nîmes (30)  : After drinking his 3 liters of beer a day, Farid, with a criminal record that has 24 mentions, attacks an octogenarian in a walker
>  Saint-Étienne (42)  : Abdelkrim, 21 mentions in the criminal record, flies to go on vacation to Cannes, then justifies himself to the court “I have problems with my teeth”
>  Nîmes (30) : arrested in a traveler’s camp after having robbed an 84-year-old woman, he justified himself: “My workfare check is not enough for me to pay for my cannabis”
>  Lannion (22)  : under OQTF, a Libyan migrant sentenced for the 5th time in prison
>  France  : 4 migrants suspected of having committed 77 burglaries in Eure-et-Loir, Loiret, Eure, Aisne, Doubs, Loire, Marne, Meurthe -et-Moselle, Oise, Yonne and Val-d’Oise
>  Montpellier (34)  : moved, a sexagenarian gives 25 € to a young gypsy who was begging, then is robbed of 80,000 €
>  Nantes (44 )  : after a dispute, he allegedly slashed his neighbor’s face with an ax
Nancy (54)  : a 17-year-old teenager beaten up and forced to undress in the middle of the street by a gang of “young people” who had organized a trap

>  Carpentras (84)  : they wanted to behead the rival gang, seven men arrested
>  Sens ( 89)  : urban violence in the district of Chaillots, the mayor denounces “a band of vandals”
>  Courbevoie (92)  : a man shot in the back in the district of La Défense
>  Épône (78)  : about twenty individuals fire mortars at the police
>  Toulouse (31)  : an individual seriously injured in the carotid artery after a knife attack, in the city center
Mulhouse (68)  : the “cool evening” turns to sexual assault, Ozkan, “a very disturbing profile” already convicted several times, receives one year in prison, six years suspended
>  Échirolles (38)  : new jets of projectiles at the municipal police station, mortar fire at passers by
>  Saint-Priest, Vénissieux and Lyon (69)  : another evening of tensions, fires, throwing projectiles and mortar fire at the police, two “young people” arrested ( Video ) ”



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  1. There are a lot of Moslims in San Francisco, where I live. They are not bad neighbors. Also, unlike the Jews they are not a political power working to hurt the White man — at least, not that I am aware.

    • In Western and Central Europe they rape, beat and murder Whites by the millions. In the US we have, as per your comment, not a lot of muslim street crime, BUT we have had these incidents (from Wiki):

      1993 World Trade Center bombing
      1995 Bojinka plot
      1997 Brooklyn bombing plot
      2000 millennium attack plots

      Aftermath of the September 11 attacks
      2001 September 11 attacks
      2001 shoe bomb attempt
      2002 Los Angeles Airport shooting
      2002 José Padilla (Abdullah al-Muhajir) Plot
      2002 Buffalo Six
      2004 financial buildings plot
      2005 Los Angeles bomb plot
      2006 Hudson River bomb plot
      2006 Sears Tower plot
      2006 Seattle Jewish Federation shooting
      2006 Toledo terror plot
      2006 transatlantic aircraft plot
      2006 UNC SUV attack
      2007 Fort Dix attack plot
      2007 John F. Kennedy International Airport attack plot
      2009 Failed underwear bomb on Northwest Airlines Flight 253
      2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting
      2009 Bronx terrorism plot
      2009 Dallas Car Bomb Plot by Hosam Maher Husein Smadi[35]
      2009 New York City Subway and United Kingdom plot
      2009 Fort Hood shooting
      2009 Colleen LaRose arrested (not made public until March 2010)
      2010 Transatlantic aircraft bomb plot
      2010 King Salmon, Alaska local meteorologist and wife assassination plots
      2010 Alleged Washington Metro bomb plot
      2011 Alleged Saudi Arabian student bomb plots
      2011 Manhattan terrorism plot
      2011 Lone Wolf New York City, Bayonne, NJ pipe bombs plot.
      2012 Car bomb plot in Florida.[36]
      2013 Boston Marathon bombing
      2013 Wichita bombing attempt
      2014 beheading by Alton Nolen
      2014 Seattle, Washington and West Orange, New Jersey killing spree by Ali Muhammad Brown
      2015 Boston beheading plot
      2015 Curtis Culwell Center attack
      2015 Chattanooga shootings
      2015 San Bernardino attack
      2016 Orlando nightclub shooting
      2016 New York and New Jersey bombings
      2016 St. Cloud, Minnesota mall stabbing
      2016 Ohio State University attack
      2017 New York City attack
      2019 Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting

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