White South African Tragedy


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….What is the future of a White South African boy today?


This photo has left a big impression. I found it somewhere with Google, but a diligent search by an English comrade found no details or evidence. A white South African told me that the Black kids look like real, local South African tribes. Black Africans, just like East Asians, have a slightly or very different appearance in each tribe, and connoisseurs, and the white Boers, can recognize typical features in each tribe, just as Germans look different from Swedes. Thus, so far, l assume the photo is from a public school in the South Africa of today.

Powerful music video by Bok van Blerk about white South African Boers agonizing about leaving their own country after almost 400 years (sung in Afrikaans but you will very clearly get the idea from the action)

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This is a 10-minutes extract from the stunning documentary ‘War of the Flea’ from director Rian van der Walt published in 2011. It contains shocking information on the genocide that is being carried out under ANC rule (The African National congress is a black semi-communist party that has misruled South Africa since 1994) in the “new South Africa” against the white minority of the ‘Afrikaners’ by farm murders, or in the Boer language, plaasmoorde . It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in February of 2012 in the presence of farmers spokesman Henk Van de Graaf and hosted by Philip Claeys, member of the European Parliament for the Flemish (Dutch-speaking) Vlaams Belang political party, which is well-known for opposing Third World immigration into Belgium and defending Flemish interests in the northern half of the country. (I met two of they key Vlaams Belang leaders in 2006 in Washington DC.) The full movie is 93 minutes.


Before I continue, Americans (in our deliberately dumbed-down and numbed-down country) have only the vaguest idea who the white Afrikaner people of South Africa are. There are about four million of them and a half-million other whites, mostly of British ancestry. It is at the bottom of Africa, has a climate like California, and is about twice the size of Texas.


According to Wikipedia’s article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_South_Africa, version of March 23 2013, and the source of the racial-breakdown map below, the white South African population fell from 22% in 1?11 to 16% in 1980, and now is 9%. Tribal groups are in various colors; blue-green represent the so-called “Coloured” areas of mixed-race mulattos (people like Obama); blue shows Hindu Indians; red represents the pure-black areas; and yellow represents the really pitiful, tiny islands where whites form a majority. An estimated 66,800 Whites have been murdered since the black-power government of the racist Nelson Mandela, a member of the Communist Party of South Africa, came to power in 1994.


The hard-working Dutch came in 1652 under Jan van Riebeeck.

The British came around 1795 and began pushing the Dutch north and inland. When gold and diamonds were discovered in their new territories, the British Empire followed them and declared war twice, finally crushing the very brave Dutch resistance.
The Parliament, Cape Town
By then the Dutch called themselves Afrikaaners or Boers (“farmers”), speaking a new language called Afrikaans, mostly Dutch but with some Low German in it, and with a simple grammar. (Many words are similar to English.)
Comparison of South Africa and the US East Coast
In the 1940s the Boers united politically under the National Party and took power away from the British whites. Then after assuring Afrikaaner rule, they separated the races (black, mixed and white) very strictly under a policy called “apartheid,” meaning “a system of living and working apart.”

Blacks were to become citizens of separate tribal homelands, and work in their homelands or in white South Africa as guest workers. The Boer government poured huge amounts of money into the economies of the homelands, called bantustans, to keep the blacks happy, peaceful, making money and not flirting with communism.


But in 1994, under massive international pressure, the Boers or Afrikaaners handed power over to the black majority, having in the meantime built up the wealthiest country in Black Africa under white rule. Since the black takeover, under the communist-leaning African National Congress party, South Africa now leads the world in the categories of murder, AIDS and rape, and the white population has declined to 9%. (http://www.ifitweremyhome.com/compare/US/ZA) Many of the affluent whites have left for the US or Australia. The poor whites cannot afford a plane ticket out, and they are not welcomed into other white countries due to political correctness. (Under US immigration laws, for example, they are considered “Africans” and the quota for Africans is usually filled.)



One of the most famous Afrikaaners for Americans is the Academy Award-winning film star Charlize Theron.







Here she is on CNN speaking Afrikaans to CNN’s Piers Morgan to show him how her language sounds. (Afrikaaners consider her, however, a traitor, and for several things, among them adopting a black baby.)

[The atrocity photos further down in this article are being shown to you only because they are the REALITY for white South Africans today — and because they could be our reality in America tomorrow. As Confucius said 2,500 years ago: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” May these photos awaken your entire nervous system to accept that we must fight for our human rights by forming and joining an ORGANIZATION to fight every day, with every waking thought, for our white survival, or we-will-DIE, individually and as a race of people, just as the Afrikaaners now are dying. They trusted the liberals, turned power over, and now they are in HELL.]

An elephant in South Africa tangles with a crocodile.



* * *





by an Afrikaaner


When you see this… (a giant Mexican rally in Los Angeles in 2007)


….and this…(Mexicans claiming America is theirs)



…..you should fear mightily, because that is very much like this…





…blacks demanding total power in South Africa in 1985…



…and like this…

And it is only a matter of a short while before you start seeing pictures like this…

Zimbabwe: Farmer murdered on his property after handover to Black majority rule.

Or this…

South Africa: Farmer murdered and tortured in his fields. Note how he was burned. This was post-1994 when S.A. (South Africa) was handed over to Black majority rule.

Or this…

In the “New South Africa” — shot point-blank as he slept in his bed.

Dont believe it? This happened in South Africa for the same reasons as it is happening here:
We allowed Blacks into our country to work. We tried to control the influx with work permits. Remember the Pass Laws that once were so vilified in your controlled American media? Well, they were just work permits Green Cards. [Its not true that we took the land from the Blacks, but thats a subject for another article]. Nevertheless, the Blacks kept coming in, illegally, now they rule the land and the Whites are at their mercy.
Blacks crossed the Limpopo River illegally, risking crocodiles, to get into white-ruled South Africa under apartheid, which provided law, order, jobs and black tribal homelands.
We actually tried to suck the Blacks out of our mainland (our white core areas) by giving them homelands this was the policy of Grand Apartheid— but the controlled international media, the UN, the Kissinger-Schultz-and-Cohen dominated American State Departments, and the British governments would have none of this type of self-preservation on the part of the Whites. The end result is that the Whites had to hand over government to the majority of the population which by then was overwhelmingly Black, and the fate of the minority Whites is amply illustrated by the pictures above.
Principle #1: The majority population in a territory will ultimately determine the nature of that society, regardless of who was there first.
Nelson Mandela destroys his pass book.
Therefore, unless you American whites wish to suffer the same fate, you need to demand that your US borders be closed, that your soldiers be brought back home and put on your border.
The only legitimate function of government is to protect the borders of its country. Theyre breaking the law because theyre coming in illegally be damned;It doesnt matter if they come in legally or illegally: its a matter of demographics. Unless you repel this conquest through immigration, you will become extinct in your own country. Your skin is your uniform.
Look at the demographics pictured below:
18 Years and older – U.S. Census 2000…
I know that there are protests that Hispanics contribute to your economy and that they do jobs the Whites will not do. However, Tony Dolz, a candidate for the California State Assembly, said it very well and accurately:
“Three percent of illegal aliens do low-paid stoop agricultural labor; the remaining 97% take jobs that Americans want and need.”
The most recent Pew Hispanic Centers study indicates that 97% of 12 to 20 million illegal aliens are working in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, restaurant, administrative and service jobs. Are these jobs Americans wont do?
In South Africa, our leaders perceived that the sector of the Whites who would be most affected by non-White labor would be the working class. Therefore, a type of “affirmative action” was implemented to reserve a certain amount of blue-collar jobs for Whites. This was called Job Reservation and attracted terrible criticism from the international media and especially the American and British governments.
In America today, White students and poor Whites have great difficulty obtaining jobs. Even on farms, Whites report how they were laid off in favor of Mexicans.
But in America it is not only the lower-paid jobs that are being taken by either illegal aliens, naturalized Hispanics or jobs being “outsourced” to non-white countries. If you call most Internet companies you will be greeted by a friendly voice from Bombay or other Indian location, because Americas computer jobs are being outsourced to India. Now Americans, who have just obtained computer degrees, are left with huge student loans to repay, and no jobs. And college loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Uncle Sam wants his pound of flesh!
It does not matter whether all these non-Whites are in the country illegally or legally. The point is that they are competing with Whites for living space and jobs. Time magazine frequently crows about the new, mongrel face of the American in 2050, and we are all supposed to be gleeful at the demise of our race and the inevitable demise of our culture and the civilization we brought the world. Will we walk quietly into the night of extinction and oblivion? Wake up, White America! You had better identify as White people, become a Folk, not just a peepul, a real nation, and fight now, or soon it will be too late.
–Extinction creeps up on Whites worldwide through invasion, rape, miscegenation and ethnic cleansing
–We are being displaced and replaced, even in our quintessentially White hereditary territories
–our genes are recessive, and are dominated by non-white invasive species
–we are dying out!

Finland: Finns are commanded to Accept a new perspective in this billboard.

Miss Switzerland, Nancy Kabika has Indian, Haitian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Balkan, Austrian and American roots. Attractive, yes, but this is a something completely different — no blond, blue-eyed Nordic Swiss!


In 1993 Time magazine crowed that in 2050, Whites would be in the minority in the USA: this inaccurate computer composite of the races presently in the USA would represent The New Face of America. But in September 2008, CNN announced that that date has been brought forward eight years to 2042. However, according to Prof. Virginia Abernethy, who was involved in the Census, the numbers of Hispanic immigrants is under-reported by some 40 million. Thus we can expect that date to be even earlier.

Not only is the demise of the Whites unlamented, but the response is that there is thus a need to train more non-whites for roles in middle management!

South Africa – Survivor of brutal ethnic-cleansing: Beautiful, innocent White child raped and battered. She suffered dislocated bones and internal injuries. Who is defending our children and ensuring that they have a safe habitat to grow up in – anywhere?
Everywhere Whites are on the retreat, so that worldwide, we ALL are like the Afrikaaners, an…
The Media tells you that your non-white invaders are
just decent people trying to make a living. They pick our cabbages, take care of our elderly, and they take care of our children.

The Blacks in South Africa did the same… but now look at what their children are doing to our children;

This White baby was wrapped in a newspaper and set alight.What kind of monster does this? But this is not a Hate Crime,” because only Whites can be guilty of Hate crimes, right?


Hanged schoolboy. They broke into the house, killed the mother, waited for the children to return home, killed them, then waited for the father to return, and killed him too. Nothing was stolen. This is typical of the killings that have been going on in South Africa.

But we white South Africans deserved it, right? We had apartheid, and you dont, so this sort of thing wont happen in America? Is that what you think or hope?
Look at what Mexican leaders are saying already:
“We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” – Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party (note they dont mind being openly racist: La Raza Unida = “The United Race”)
“If anyone’s going to be deported, it’s going to be you! … Get out! We are the future. You’re old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Right now, we’re already controlling those elections, whether it’s by violence or nonviolence. Through love of having children we’re going to take over.” – Augustin Cebada, information minister of Brown Berets, shouting at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles. the Brown Berets are the para-military soldiers of Aztlan (http://www.aztlan.net; this is the equivalent in the US of the military arm of the ANC, Umkohnto we Siezwe.)

South Africa, 1985…

USA, 2006
Whether Democrat or Republican, your government is your enemy: it has presided over the browning of America.
South Africas last governments were traitors too: They handed us and our land over to a communist, Black government, though we had never been defeated: there were also no guarantees or safeguards for the Whites, and now you see the results. Other of your enemies are: the Media, the big corporations, David Rockefeller, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, George Soros, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Congress*, et al.
The exact same entities were also our enemies, being prime funders of the ANC. Your government will not protect you from this invasion and the coming extinction of your race. Beware! Do not put your faith in your government. It is controlled by the enemies of your race, and by white-skinned race traitors who sell you out for financial gain and personal ambition.
William Raspberry, a prominent black columnist, once said: “It is hard to think of whites-only groups formed for the benefit of their members that could gain our approval. Perhaps an organization of white LA police officers formed to help its members improve their attitudes towards minorities . . . . It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.” [William Raspberry, “Dubiously Exclusive,” Washington Post, Nov. 24, 1995.]
Everyday experience tells you that this is absolutely true.
Wake up White America — you are in dire straits! Weve seen it all before in South Africa. We had a traitorous, sell-out government too. You are targeted for annihilation. Dont believe it? just look at what our South African government did to us. Yours is of the exact same ilk, and has been for decades. Republican or Democrat, they are all tools of the anti-White New World Order. None have stemmed the non-white tide, and they have been achieving the demise of White America. The longer you wait, the more desperate the odds become.
F.W. de Klerk, last White President of SA handed over the country to a literally communist-run Black government. De Klerk is now wined and dined by the likes of the Trilateral Commission.
George W. Bush granted amnesty to thousands of illegal Mexicans. He was Americas “F.W. de Klerk,” or perhaps he equates to our previous sell-out president, P.W. Botha
Barak Obama, the new Nelson Mandela, or perhaps due to his long association with the militant Black nationalist, Rev. Jeremiah (“God damn America”) Wright, he may equate to the current SA president, Jacob Zuma.
F.W. de Klerk handed over the country to communist Blacks — and without any guarantees of safety for the countrys Whites. For this he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Is this what peace looks like? Try PIECE-S!

South Africa: Beautiful, young white woman butchered.

South Africa: White man, attacked in his house as he slept, and murdered in his own bathtub. Note how they slashed his wrists as he tried to protect himself.

South Africa: Forensic diagram of torture methods used in the thousands of Farm Murders and very frequently in urban murders that together constitute the current ethnic-cleansing being conducted in South Africa.
Now in October 2012, with a Great Recession in progress, when will race riots break out? You read what La Raza Unida and the Brown Berets say about Whites. Do you feel safe where you live?
The only solution is for those Whites who want it to form White safety zones, where we can live and work in safety. We need our own habitats, free from the presence of invasive species and interspecies competition.
In preserving species in nature, as soon as a threat is perceived, vigilant scientists and authorities work to control the numbers and immigration of invasive plant, insect and animal species when they interfere with the habitat or peaceful existence of native species.
Some examples of invasive species are 1) Bighead and Silver Carp (both Asian), which compete with native mussels and fish for plankton, and could become a dominant species in the Great Lakes; 2) the brown tree snake (Indonesian) which has invaded Guam and through its voracious appetite, exterminated nine out of twelve native bird species, and two out of eleven native lizards; while burgeoning populations of 3) European mute swans eliminate habitats for crabs, fish and other wetland dependent species through their over-grazing of bay grasses. They also trample the nests of the endangered least terns and black skimmers, destroying their eggs and chicks, thus driving the native species from their nesting site on Barren Island, Maryland.
These beautiful but invasive mute swans kill mallard ducklings and Canadian-geese goslings. The interspecies competition between mute and tundra swans has driven Maryland’s wintering tundra swan population from their native habitats. Authorities also then work to preserve the habitat of endangered species and to breed back their numbers so that they are no longer endangered. Examples are the spotted owl, the polar bear, and the white rhino, which is almost off the endangered-species list.
Swedish victim of non-white assault and gang rape
So the invasion of these species is being combated and curbed, yet when non-Whites invade White habitats, aggressively raping, assaulting and murdering the host Whites, Whites are expected to make way and accept their extinction, JUST BECAUSE IT IS GRADUAL. Why should we accept this disconnect in logic when it comes to Whites?
Non-Whites have no such qualms and practice ethnic cleansing on a regular basis in their native lands with impunity, yet Whites have their hands tied, are prevented from expelling the invaders, and are barred from even complaining by the proliferation of hate speech laws. Enough! We are the minority race of the world, and we are an endangered species, faced with imminent extinction.
We cannot allow ourselves to pass into the night of oblivion in this way.
Draw the wagons into a laager: The ratio of Whites to non-Whites simply cannot decrease any further!
Battle of Blood River 1836 a White victory
The alternative is this…
Brave Dirkie Uys dies defending his wounded father
Or this…
Massacre of Bloukranz
The majority population within a territory will ultimately determine the nature of that society, regardless of who was there first.
When non-Whites gain numbers in White areas, they prey on Whites.
When Whites are in the minority, we get killed!
What self-respecting species submits voluntarily to extinction?

Even Whites have a right to continue to exist as a species.


“It may already be too late to avoid a future annexation of the Southwest by Mexico or the evolution of a Mexican-dominated satellite state. This is not to say Mexican people are better or worse than any of God’s children. It is to say that millions of ethnically and culturally homogeneous people will seek self-determination in a land they will increasingly feel justified in claiming as their own. Especially when the natural weight of demographic change is accompanied by the soundtrack of radical demagoguery which seeks to legitimize and moralize this phenomenon as a ‘reconquista’.” – Ronald F Maxwell WashingtonTimes.com



Some of the organizations alleged to employ illegal aliens, and then have their low wages and medical care subsidized by the welfare departments (food stamps, housing and emergency-room care), all from YOUR tax dollars – Taken from: WeHireAliens.com.

Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, U.S Forest Service, U.S. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement!), State of Georgia, IDAHO MIGRANT COUNCIL, Kansas Dept. of Motor Vehicles, USPS, Pennsylvania Unemployment Agency and Welfare Department, Fairfield County Recycling, Long Beach Veterans Hospital, University of California, Bell Chase Naval Air Station, BMW, Cargill Inc., Cargill Meat Packaging, Chevys, Hehr International, Honeywell, Walmart, Kmart, 99 Cent Store, Ralphs Grocery Store, Wells Fargo Bank, First Federal Bank of California, MASTERGUARD CORP., Michelin Tire Of NA, McDonald’s, Wendys International, Foster Farms Dairy/Chickens , National Beef Packing, Office Depot, Home Depot, Pep Boys, Big Lots Stores Inc, Quantum Business Engineering, Richard Leeds Intl., Sears, Sysco, Target, Tyson, Hoag Hospital , Holiday Inn , Hilton Hotel , Dennys, Industrial Filtration TNT Logistics, Wabash National, Hamilton Aerospace Technologies, Inc., SIGMA ELECTRIC, Sigma Electric Manufacturing, Liberman Broadcasting, Thibaut , Western Sequoia Corp.. TCB International Inc., Quality Pork Processors Inc., Netpixel ,Tri City Steel, Inc. , Dacoa Inc., Dowling, Thomasville Upholstery Inc, Fisk Electric, Foamex International , University of Southern California Facilites Management Services, Apple One Employment Service, Excel , KONOS, Inc., JR Cigar…

…..My comment

I studied Afrikaans in the 1980s, which was not hard for me since I speak fluent German, a similar language, and even corresponded with Jaap Marais of the HNP.

I remember an American book years back about the Afrikaners, The White Tribe of Africa. This book and this title about a “white TRIBE” inspired me to conceive that those whites who are not doomed must form a new international white tribe, a truly new ethnic group. Those white individuals with healthy racial instincts around the world must form a new Folk with new ways, customs and values.

This tribe must be like the Jews in positive aspects, such as a fierce solidarity and pride in our people’s millennial accomplishments. And this tribe must determine that it will survive whatever the cost, just as the Jews have — and this may mean we must let the surrendering, doomed, defeatist Whites, the cowardly, brainwashed and degenerate Whites, just go off into their own oblivion, as a few drops of milk in a black sea, just as the Jews for 3000 years have let their own apostates assimilate into the surrounding peoples and disappear from their midst forever.

The goal of the SOLUTREAN TRIBE is either to entirely liberate the countries we Whites founded and built up by our blood, sweat and tears — or alternatively we shall survive like the Jews as a feared and respected minority within darkening countries.

Thus we will be around — by one strategy or another — in another five hundred and a thousand years, and we will prepare for our decisive moment to resurge and take back our homelands.

We will think in centuries, not months and years. That is the vision of Solutrea.


…..Americans pop brewskis, Michelle flies to Spain on vacation, while white Afrikaners starve

The Afrikaners are a relatively recent white nation that began in the 1600s around the same time as white America. Hardworking, armed and courageous Protestant French (Huguenots, such as the ancestors of white leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, murdered in 2010 by two black employees), north Germans (such as the ancestors of the revered 19th-century leader Oom Paul Kruger), a smidgen of white Portuguese, and, most of all, the Dutch, intermarried and this created a new white country down in southern Africa.

Their language, Afrikaans, is a kind of simplified Dutch with many German and some French elements. Many words are very, very close to English, because the ancient Anglo-Saxons came from the same area of Germanic Europe.

The grammar is amazingly easy, and the spelling is logical — much better than English!

Some Afrikaans:


My Afrikaner heart/My Afrikanerhart

stand fast//staan vast

I feel love for our folk/Ek voel liefde vir ons volk

Some humor, where you can hear both the British white South African accent and the Afrikaans accent, showing the two meanings of the English word “look” (see — or appear)


As I wrote at the top, in the 19th century the British Empire began conquering Afrikaner lands, especially after gold and diamonds were discovered in them, and for fifty years the British whites dominated the much larger, brutally conquered white Afrikaner population. (Over ten thousand women and children had perished in British concentration camps, causing a worldwide scandal in the press around the globe similar to the Abu Ghraib scandals a few years back that besmirched America’s name. Jews were behind both atrocities.)

And it was the ROTHSCHILD-RULED British Empire that then created a disastrous multiracial country, whereas the Afrikaners or Boers wanted to GET AWAY FROM THE BLACKS.

A true Afrikaner woman and singer told me that the singer here is a spineless liberal, but so are most whites everywhere. The words to the song, however, were written by a true patriot, and glorifying the Afrikaner struggle against the Rothschild-British conquest. …. It gives me goosebumps. How about you?


Stand fast, stand fast, South Africa!

I think the times when he yells in a gravelly, raucous voice are the most spellbinding.

Because I understand Afrikaans fairly well (partly because I had studied German, a related language) I want to say how much I love the common Germanic expression:


It means: You are a man, so FIGHT LIKE A MAN.

After WWII, the Afrikaners’ new political party, the National Party, UNITED them. They swept into power in a major election and began setting up apartheid, racial separation. The South African economy boomed under white rule, and blacks had the highest standard of living in all Africa. In every military battle with the ANC, the Afrikaaners won. They even built their own atomic bomb!

Yet in 1994, after the Afrikaner leadership had been infiltrated, the despicable president and race traitor FW De Klerk turned over white-ruled South Africa to the black majority against the wishes of most whites — except the US government of the white race traitor Bill Clinton.

The descent into hell began, the catastrophe which the Afrikaners had predicted, into Black African-style chaos, murder, rape, AIDS and blatant political corruption and screaming-to-heaven incompetence.

I had seen videos before of Afrikaner poverty, and of the terrible rapes and murders of whites by blacks. But outright starvation…. This is the next stage in white genocide.

Let us remember that unless the Solutrean movement succeeds, soon the white population in America will also begin to plummet. Seventy-five million white baby-boomers will begin to die off, in what has been called “BOOMSDAY” —and then the US population will drop like a stone down to 20%, becoming an old-age, PHYSICALLY FEEBLE demographic surrounded by tough young blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and Chinese.

You are looking at OUR future — in a few decades or even sooner, unless Solutrea arises.

* * *

The Afrikaners are starving – pictures

[SOURCE: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/08/afrikaners-are-starving-pictures.html]


Dutch, Flemish students visit Afrikaner squatter camp; foreign journalists increasingly interested in reporting on the growing poor-white problem in South Africa

AfrikanerPoor_SarieRossouw_starving to death Eagles Nest Squatter camp no food aidAugust 30 2010 South Africas 3-million Afrikaners are in increasingly desperate straits, with nearly one-third now living in dismal squatter camps where they are denied government benefits, government food-aid and medical care and by law, are also denied access the job market

Picture: Pretoria squatter camp resident Sarie Rossouw is slowly starving to death

She lives with her husband Hennie in a Pretoria squatter camp and is badly malnourished. She has only been visited once by a social worker this past year. Her frail husband Hennie, 70, tries to look after her as well as he can, but its difficult without health-care and no regular food supplies.

Pretoria has more than 70 squatter camps housing unemployable working-class Afrikaners, and they are consistently denied government-issued food-stamps and survival-benefits from the ANC-regime.

Solidarity trade unions charity Helping Hand said in a recent letter to SA President Jacob Zuma that without urgent government subsidies and food-aid, many Afrikaners will start dying of starvation and poverty-related diseases very soon.

Reports of babies and elderly Afrikaners dying of malnutrition are already emerging this year, amongst others reported by Dutch investigative journalist Saskia Vredeveld in her documentary Poor whites in South Africa, filmed in Coronation Park near Johannesburg and screened on Dutch IKON-TV earlier this year. She reported details about the death of a newborn Afrikaner baby from hunger.

Solidaritys letter also includes a series of pictures taken of some of the more than 650,000 homeless, impoverished Afrikaners.

There is growing interest from abroad in the so-called poor white problem. Dutch investigative journalistSaskia Vredeveld and Australian photo-journalist Dean Saffron were only the latest of a long line of foreign journalists who have reported extensively from Afrikaner-poor camps this year.

And this month, a group of DutAfrikanerPoorWelcomeInnKrugersdorpSquatterCampPicPaulBennettFacebookch and Flemish students also visited the Eagle s Nest-squatter camp in Pretoria North. They visited the camp with its 100 poor residents and played a traditional Afrikaner sport called Jukskei with the residents as part of the Dutch-South African Society youth-exchange programme. Dr Danie Langner, executive director of Helping Hand, said it was very important for (foreign) students to be exposed to all the realities in South Africa, including the large number of Afrikaners who are now falling into permanent poverty and destitution. The students experienced at first hand the reality of the (more than 650,000) Afrikaners who have to survive without water, electricity or food-supplies each day. This squatter camps hundred residents live in horrific circumstances in which they are exposed to the elements each day. The three-week visit by the Dutch-speaking students was sponsored by four universities, the Afrikaner League, the Afrikaans Language- and Cultural society, the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, Solidarity and the Foundation for the Empowerment of Afrikaans. http://www.zuidafrikahuis.nl/node/28

Defenseless elderly Afrikaners slowly starving to death

Sixty-three percent of the residents in Pretorias 77 white squatter camps and tent-towns alone, are older than 60 years. There is only one social worker for every 4,000 South African resident. A total of 2,100 cases of dire poverty amongst whites are currently being investigated in the town of Centurion by its Council for the Elderly. In Pretoria, an average 1,000 cases are reported of whites being abused and left uncared in dismal conditions. Yet the governments National Youth Development Agency (the former Umsobomvu Youth Fund) still rules that disability benefits are not granted to such impoverished, elderly Afrikaners.

Senior citizens find it increasingly difficult to live alone in their homes. General frailty, rising living expenses and vulnerability against crime are some of the reasons why they seek alternative accommodation. Old-age homes are only an option for those who receive a state pension, are frail and do not own property or have alternative sources of income. Senior citizens who receive a private pension, however small it may be, are not subsidised by the state and must pay the full unit cost in an old-age home, unless they are frail. The monthly unit cost could amount to R4 000,00 to R5 000,00 per person. [A South African rand is worth about one US dime, that is, 10 cents. So 4,000 rand is about 400 dollars.] Many of these elderly frail people end up in squatter camps.

The governments social-welfare agencies also refuse to dispense food-stamps to destitute Afrikaners even to the blind Mrs . Maria Schoeman, below:

Afrikaner poor Maria Schoeman elderly whites malnourished in

AfrikanerPoor_SquatterCampShacks Aug2010

Above: these squatter huts are occupied by whites more than 96% are Afrikaans-speakers writes Solidarity s charity Helping Hand which has 640 branches countrywide — to pres. Jacob Zuma. Serious health problems are caused by the lack of water- and sanitation-services.

AfrikanerPoor More than 70 squatter camps with poor whites in Pretoria alone Aug2010

Above: For the first time since the 1930s, poverty and homelessness has increased dramatically among white Afrikaans-speakers especially. In greater Pretoria alone, there are more than 70 squatter camps for whites and countrywide, more than 640, housing more than 650,000 Afrikaners, reports HelpingHand.co.za charity. There are 3-million Afrikaners in South Africa.

AfrikanerPoor Jurie_Susan Austin live in a pumphouse 2x2 Solidarity Helping Hand charity Pic Aug2010

Above: Jurie and Susan Austin live in a 2 X 2 m pump-house and beg on the streets to survive each day.

AfrikanerPoor Martin Venter Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree Squatter camp Eagles Nest Pretoria

Above: Martin Venter and Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree.

AfrikanerPoor Elsie Botha lives in a refitted watertank Eagles Nest Pretoria Helping Hand charity

Above: Elsie Botha lives in this adapted water-tank.

Below: Australian photojournalist reports on Krugersdorp municipalitys attempt to forcibly-remove 400 Afrikaner squatter-camp residents to a black township:

Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 1 Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 2 Kruger Robert and Debbie


* * *

This article from a leftist magazine, aside from some politically correct remarks about the supposed horrors of white rule and apartheid (and, after all, why did 100,000 blacks a year sneak from up north down INTO South Africa under white rule???????), is accurate and heart-rending:



SOURCE: a website (http://deathofjohannesburg.blogspot.com/) by a white South African who remembers how the country looked under apartheid: safe, rich and clean. 100,000 blacks a year — illegally but voluntarily — entered apartheid South Africa, swimming past the crocodiles on the Limpopo River, in order to get into the country, working and living there under apartheid, which was racial separation (“aparthood”).

Blacks and whites worked together under apartheid but lived in separate locations. The original apartheid plan, destroyed by the Jews who took over behind the scenes, was to create separate ethnic states (like US states), not just separate neighborhoods, and the plan was that the whole country would be an efficient, white-supervised federation of different ethnic and racial groups.

The prime minister who wanted total geographic separation — with semi-independent black countries — Hendrik Verwoerd, was suspiciously assassinated right on the floor of the parliament in the 1960s.

* * *

Monday, December 29, 2008


Amongst the emails I found a batch from some crank, with a batch of pictures mainly from the lower Fox Street end of Johannesburg, near the old Anglo-American head office. With these pictures he was trying to persuade me that the city was actually wonderful and I was just a liar etc. etc.
Well, as anyone who is familiar with Johannesburg knows, of course the part of the city around the AAC offices and lower Fox Street is almost (but not quite) the same as it always was.
In fact, one could actually say that the whole city used to look a bit like that.The fact that private enterprise has managed to more or less keep that one section like it was, merely emphasises the mess of the rest of the city!
Anyway, the one valuable thing that my crank friend did send me, was a picture of a ‘rescued’ building in Marshall Street. This, he said, was proof that the city was being rejuvenated.
My original picture looked like this: (taken in 2006)
According to my IDASA friend, the same corner now looks like this: a cheap restaurant, which nonetheless has a coat of paint:
Now, I thought, let’s give credit where credit is due. That is an improvement, even if that is a ‘restaurant’ in which I would not want to eat.
But then to my astonishment, the very next picture my IDASA friend sent me was this one, which is the building right next to the ‘refurbished’ eatery. You can see the end of the ‘restaurant’:

Oh dear, it seems as if the slum was not quite eradicated after all! Tough luck, IDASA sock-puppet, try again next time! Still, thanks for the effort.

These pictures above, by the way, should be clickable through to larger size and better definition. I will soon be starting to replace the pictures on the rest of the site in the same way, so that those of you who want better definition pictures will be able to get them without having to email me.

I would like to do an update on the images (that is, if the electricity stays on in Jo’burg long enough to recharge my camera batteries) the next time I visit. Anyone who wants, in the meantime, to take any pictures and send them to me at the above email address, please do so and I will post them.
I have just added a whole batch of new images to this blog. There are far too many to fit on one page, as I have done till now, so I have split them up into their own pages.
Please visit them — you won’t be disappointed — and each page as a link back to this “Death of Johannesburg” Main Page so you can navigate back here and and have a look at the next set.

The new galleries are:

Three Castles Building, Marshall Street


A Drive Down Anderson Street


The Cartlon Hotel


The View from the Gauteng Legislature


A Drive Down Jeppe Street


The Johannesburg Bus Depot


The Jewish Museum, The Great Synagogue and OK Bazaars


Joubert Park Then and Now


A Drive Down Marshall Street


Oppenheimer Park: The Vanishing Springbuck


A Drive Down Troye Street


Death of Johannesburg Eloff Street and Others


Von Wielligh Street and Others


This is What Remains of the Wits Drill Hall.

When the Queen of England visited South Africa in 1947, the official reception for her was held at the Wits Drill Hall, 95 Anderson Street For decades, the Wits Drill Hall was a famous venue and even a tourist attraction in central Johannesburg.
Councillor Carol Milner, Ward 66, City of Joburg [Johannesburg] has sent me the following pictures and commentary: “95 Anderson Str, Joburg CBD has been like this for a at least a year. We have told the Council and told us that they will be using it for Emergency Services but it’s still standing (or barely).”

Welcome to Bree Street in Johannesburg — where gold used to lie in the street.

Now, it’s just rubbish.

Bree Street is one of the main thoroughfares running through the city centre of Johannesburg, from east to west. It runs right through the CBD, and used to be one of the major economic centres, as well as being a residential area.

Today, as you can see, it is a slum, another shattered, filthy, ruined monument to the “New South Africa.” Pictures courtesy of MZ, who made this hell-run down Bree Street. Thanks MZ – send more (and that goes for any reader anywhere else as well).



….THE AFRIKANER’S CONFESSION (a sarcastic and bitter essay by a Boer)

Along with the NG Church [Netherlands/Dutch Reformed Church, which is now hyper-liberal and preaches White guilt over apartheid to the Boers with full Black-government approval] we Afrikaners who are not members of it also wish to confess.

We want to confess to all coloureds [in South Africa, the “coloured” are the mixed-race/”mulatto” South Africans, who descend from Afrikaaner fathers and Black mothers, and they speak Afrikaans; there was a lot of this racial mixing in the 1700s until it was banned by law] and blacks in the RSA for every injustice we and our ancestors committed against them. We acted like senseless fools that knew no better, and today we are genuinely sorry for each of these sins which have brought only shame and damage over us:

1. We provided doctors and free medical services to them so that they could multiply and breed uncontrollably.

2. We sent missionaries among them in an attempt to introduce the white man’s God to them – all in vain.

3. We taught them to read and write and even put their own languages in writing for them. We also taught them elementary arithmetic. We built schools for them and repaired them again after they had trashed and burned them down.

4. We built factories and trained them to work in them in order to earn money – more than their black brothers have earned in any other African country.

5. We provided free housing for them, cheap transport, the protection of our police force, and when necessary, they also received free medical treatment in our best-equipped hospitals.

6. We developed farms on which we produced food in order to feed their millions of hungry stomachs.

7. We gave them clothing so that they would not have to go naked as in the time before Jan van Riebeeck, and become ill and die in the harsh winters.

8. We mined the minerals over which they trampled and regarded as worthless gravel and stone under their bare feet for centuries, and we let them share in the profits thereof. Thousands of them are still working in the mines.

9. Our women established welfare organisations to feed and clothe the destitute among them.

10. We built a network of roads on which they kill and maim us today.

11. We built huge dams in order for them to misuse water freely.

12. We spend 90% of our income on their welfare and needs and we do more for them than any other nation would do for its own people. For this the world despises us and we have lost all our self-respect.

We should not have done it! We are guilty! We are sorry!

We sincerely and humbly ask: May our black ‘brethren’ forgive us. Please, if possible, forgive us! We did it out of ignorance and meant well!


One day when we stand before God and we are judged, we will be judging ourselves. The condemned themselves will realise that their way was not worthy of Christ and that they were never prepared to make one single sacrifice on His behalf. They will remember how they stood looking on how the holy name of God was banned from schools; how they shrugged and accepted that the prayer of the Government was no longer the prayer directed to their Redeemer, the Son of God; how they believed the lies of the media without thinking or investigating for themselves; how they turned their backs when Satan attacked the children of God and were thankful it was not themselves being attacked.

Will they also remember how they, along with the followers of Satan, willingly knelt before the false gods for the sake of monetary gain, a shiny car, a few worldly possessions, and made pacts with the satanists of all races and sought their favour?

Merciful God, is there another nation with so many spineless jellyfish among its men? Show me the nation that sits back and looks on while its inheritance, its children, its spiritual goods, yes, everything that belongs to it, is robbed and plundered? Show me another nation whose parliament is run by a band of terrorists and robbers that carries away everything before it, and of whom many had to be released from the prisons in order to take over the running, no, the RUINING, of the country!

I see in the Boer (Afrikaner) of today a combination of what Israel suffered so many centuries ago. The nation is experiencing punishment as the Israelites did. They were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Our slavery will be short-lived, but just as intense. We are waiting for a Redeemer, a Moses, an Elijah, because the nation itself cannot rectify the mess any longer. We are exiles in our own land, pushed out and have been reduced to the status of beggars along our roadsides.



Saam met die NG Kerk wil ons Afrikaners wat nie lidmate is nie, ook skuldbelydenis afl. Ons wil hiermee skuldbelydenis doen teenoor alle gekleurdes en swartes in die RSA vir elke onreg wat ons en ons voorouers hulle aangedoen het. Ons het opgetree soos verstandelose dwase wat nie van beter geweet het nie, en vandag is ons waarlikwaar regtig spyt oor elkeen van hierdie sondes wat net skande en skade oor ons gebring het:

1.Ons het dokters en vry mediese dienste aan hulle verskaf sodat hulle onbeheers kan aanteel en vermeerder.

2.Ons het sendelinge onder hulle ingestuur om die blanke se God aan hulle te probeer voorstel – maar tevergeefs.

3.Ons het hulle leer lees en skryf en selfs hulle eie tale vir hulle op skrif gestel. Ons het hulle ook geleer om elementre rekenkunde te doen. Ons het vir hulle skole gebou en dit weer self herstel nadat hulle dit verwoes of afgebrand het.

4.Ons het fabrieke opgerig en hulle opgelei om daar geld te verdien, meer as wat hulle swart broers in enige ander Afrika-staat verdien het.

5.Ons het aan hulle gratis huisvesting gegee, goedkoop vervoer, die beskerming van ons polisiemag, en wanneer nodig, het hulle ook gratis mediese hulp in ons bes toegeruste hospitale ontvang.

6.Ons het plase ontwikkel waarop kos verbou is om hulle miljoene honger mae te voed.

7.Ons het hulle klere gegee sodat hulle nie soos vr Jan van Riebeeck se tyd nakend moes rondloop en in die strawwe winters siek word en van koue sterf nie.

8.Ons het die minerale ontgin wat hulle vir eeue lank as waardelose klip en gruis onder hulle kaal voete vertrap het, en ons het hulle in die opbrengste daarvan laat deel. Derduisende van hulle werk nog steeds in die myne.

9.Ons vroue het liefdadigheidsorganisasies gestig om die haweloses onder hulle te voed en te klee.

10.Ons het ‘n netwerk van paaie gebou waarop hulle ons vandag doodry en verongeluk.

11.Ons het reuse opgaardamme aangel sodat hulle water kosteloos kan misbruik.

12.Ons spandeer 90% van ons inkomste aan hulle welsyn en behoeftes en doen meer vir hulle as wat enige ander nasie vir sy eie mense sou doen. Hiervoor verag die wreld ons en het ons alle selfrespek verloor.

Ons moes dit nie gedoen het nie! Ons is Skuldig! Ons is jammer! Ons vra tog baie mooi en nederig: Mag ons swart ‘broers’ ons vergewe. Asseblief, as dit moontlik is, vergewe ons tog! Ons het dit uit onkunde gedoen en dit goed bedoel!


Wanneer ons almal eendag voor God moet verskyn en ons geoordeel moet word, sal dit onsself wees wat die oordeel gaan fel. Die veroordeeldes sal self besef dat hulle lewenspad Christus nie waardig was nie en dat hulle nooit bereid was om een opoffering ter wille van Hom te maak nie. Hulle sal onthou hoe hulle lamlendig gestaan en toekyk het hoe die Heilige naam van God uit die skole verban is, hoe hulle dit met ‘n skouerophaling aanvaar het dat die gebed van die Regering nie meer tot hulle Verlosser, die Seun van God, gerig word nie, hoe hulle die leuens van die media geglo het sonder om self te dink of ondersoek in te stel, hoe hulle hul rug gedraai het toe Satan die kinders van God aangeval het, en net bly was dat dit nie hulle was nie.

Sal hulle dan ook onthou hoedat hulle, terwille van geldelike voordeel, ‘n blink motor, ‘n ho pos en ‘n handvol aardse besittings geredelik saam met die volgelinge van Satan voor die afgode gebuig het, met hulle ooreenkomste gesluit en hulle guns gesoek het?

Genadige God, was daar ng ‘n volk met soveel ruggraatlose papperds onder sy manne? Waar is daar ‘n volk wat tjoepstil bly sit en toekyk terwyl sy erfenis, sy kinders, sy geestesgoedere, ja, alles wat syne is, geroof en geplunder word? Wys my nog die volk wie se parlement deur ‘n rowerbende bestuur word, wat alles wegdra wat voorkom en waarvan baie uit die tronke vrygelaat moes word sodat hulle die landsbestuur kon oorneem!

Ek sien in die Boer van vandag ‘n samevoeging van wat Israel deurgemaak het soveel eeue gelede. Hierdie volk ondergaan ‘n straf soos wat die Israeliete ondergaan het. Hulle was vir 400 jaar slawe in Egipte. Ons slawerny sal kort van duur wees, maar net so fel. Ons wag op ‘n Verlosser, ‘n Moses, ‘n Elia, want die volk self kan die gemors nie meer herstel nie. Ons is bannelinge in ons eie land, uitgestoot tot bedelaars langs die paaie.

Namens al ons blanke vaders wat hulle in 1994 by FW de Klerk geskaar het, wou ek vandag by n ieder en elk van julle om vergiffenis pleit; vergiffenis nie net vir dit wat ons julle aangedoen het nie, maar ook vir alles wat ons as ouers nagelaat het om te doen.

Ons het swyend en doodstil bly sit toe ons die swart barbaar moes stuit, toe ons moes keer dat hy alles wat julle sn is, vir hom vat. Ons het niks gedoen nie, want ons het nie omgegee dat daar vir julle die nageslag van ns vaders geen toekoms is nie, geen vaderland, geen geskiedenis, geen heil, ja, geen God is om aan vas te hou nie.

Die dag toe ons nuwe jesus in sy bont hemp deur die land begin waggel het, het onsself die Gedenknaam van onse God in die Parlement taboe verklaar. Ons kerk het Hom verplig om die preekstoel met voorvadergeeste te deel; en in jul skole het die blanke leerders Hom op die skoolgrond omsingel, gevange geneem en soos n uitvaagsel agter die toilette aan n paal gespyker.

Met die referendum van 93 het FW De Klerk op TV ges ons moet kies kies, tussen die SA krieketspan (wat angstig sit en wag om in Nieu-Seeland te speel), se toekoms, of julle sn en, glo my, dit was maklik, julle het los hande verloor!

Net soos De Klerk, het ons nie omgegee dat ons keuse julle geheel en al sonder werk, heenkome of hoop sou laat nie, nie omgegee dat ons moeders en pragtige dogters genadeloos, wreed en dierlik verkrag, verneder en aaklig vermoor word nie, dat duisende van ons weerlose bejaardes op hul plase soos varke geslag word nie. Ja, sowaar as wat God leef, FW de Klerk en ons het ni omgegee nie! Ons het nie die moed gehad om hom vas te trap en keel-af te sny nie ook was ons te bang om die barbaar, met God aan ons sy, storm te loop want, net soos n Simson het ons na die verkiesing skielik besef sy Krag het ons verlaat, en ook sy Swaard, wat op 16 Desember 1838 nog die wa ters van die Ngome in bloed verander het!

Liewe wit seun en liewe wit dogter van my volk, hoe durf ons julle om vergifenis vra? Hoe durf ons s ons is jammer, terwyl veldduiwels op jul moeders se grafte dans, terwyl ons en FW in die reuse-FIFA-tempels rondom die sportaltaar versamel om die barbaar in ons midde, met ba()l onder die arm, toe te juig?

Maar, soos vir n Beyers Naud, n Joe Slovo en vele ander verlooptes, is die tyd vinnig besig om ook vir ons en FW uit te loop. Ja, en aanstons sal ons geroep word om, sonder raadsman, sonder advokaat, voor die Groot Stoel te verskyn. En, net soos FW, vrees ons ook daardie oomblik, vrees ons die vraag wat Hy ons gaan vra: Hoekom? Hoekom het julle dit aan jul vaderland, jul voorouers en jul kinders gedoen?

Ons vaderland het ons weggegee, ons voorouers is lankal by hlle vaders versamel julle is al wat oorgebly het in hierdie bloedbevlekte, sterwende land. En wat ons nou by julle wil weet, liewe wit seun en liewe wit dogter van Bloedrivier, is WAT MOET ONS HOM ANTWOORD?


…and most Blacks reject this viewpoint that Blacks envy Whites as totally ridiculous.

BUT YOU CAN SEE HOW A RACE WAR COULD START BETWEEN ANGRY WHITES such as this one AND ANGRY BLACKS: (such as the Black nationalist Ayo Kimathi in the next news item)

“The inferior races hate the white race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and white superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down whites and their creations in order to make themselves whites’ ‘equal’. This is not all, however — for tearing down whites removes a burr from their consciousness — that of being reminded of their inferiority — and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when whites treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see whites destroyed, for they see only vulnerability in this, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of white civilization.”

–JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 11

…..Ayo Kimathi, a black nationalist and US federal employee 2009-13, advocates a race war, demands that light-skinned Blacks lose power, and calls for White Americans to be exterminated — and is not fired for four long months by the Obama administration in 2013 after his views were exposed.

(And even then, IMO, it was only because he also criticized “Zionism” = the Jews! I find some of his remarks, however, accurate, as with those of most Black nationalists — especially against Zionism, and the promotion of homosexuality and the feminization of men.)



Kimarthi does say some good things, as in this case exposing how three Black children were taken away from their parents following one supposed “domestic violence” incident, and a White lesbian couple of “foster parents” viciously molested them for six months.

Kimathi is wrong, however, and engaging in race-baiting, about this molestation of Black kids being a specifically white conspiracy, because white children also are being molested by foster parents…… and this is going on in the USA, Germany, Britain, Canada, etc. I know a German whose daughter was taken away because he politically was pro-white (illegal in modern Germany) — and his daughter was molested for years in foster care by a known child molester “foster parent.” Child Protective Services had no problem with this.Finally, his daughter fled to England when she got old enough, and she still lives there and refuses to return to Germany.

There are also Black pedophiles who prey on White kids. Pedophilia is not a special white-on-black issue, but a universal problem. (I do not know if pedophilia is higher among whites than blacks, as many African-Americans suspect; this scandal is still being swept under the rug and hushed-up when it involves perps who are powerful businessmen, cops, politicians and military. I admit I do see a LOT of faces of Black and Hispanic children listed as “missing” on a community bulletin board at the local Walmart about missing kids. I believe that pedophiles assume (correctly) that the police will tend not to take as much time to investigate the disappearance of a Black or Hispanic child as for a white and especially middle-class kid. The cops often also do not investigate as intenselv when other disfavored groups have troubles, such as drug addicts, transvestites or prostitutes who may turn up missing….. With limited time and many crimes to solve or prevent, the police and prosecutors make decisions every day,for various motives, good or bad, as to what to investigate and what not in our currently crime-ridden country.

And as for a supposedly higher incidence of pedophiles among whites, if this claim is true at all (and there are no accurate statistics either way about the true extent of this crime that has “friends in high places”), one possible reason would be the large numbers of whites involves in Freemasonry, which, some reports say, has very secret, very high levels — well above the supposedly supreme “33rd degree” — which, some reports say, do engage in child-molesting for ritual and satanic purposes. In fact, ominously, Freemasons almost openly worship Lucifer and many will admit it if asked. Here is a video with a white Freemason saying so defiantly to a Christian who challenges him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2OXuXTkBNQ

And here is President John Kennedy saying, and perhaps this speech helped trigger his murder, that a free society should have a truly free press, investigating everything — and that IN A DEMOCRACY BASED ON “WE THE PEOPLE,” secret organizations by definition are WRONG (excellent video!):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO1BD6jpBSE “>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO1BD6jpBSE”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO1BD6jpBSE

Here is a mind-blowing video documentary, called “Conspiracy of Silence,” which the Discovery Channel commissioned — and then cancelled in 1994 at the last minute before broadcast –exposing high US government and Congressional pedophile rings, involving Congressman Barney Frank and other Jews (whom the video does NOT expose as being Jews), and President George H.W. Bush.

In this case, the ringleader was, however, a BLACK Republican bank owner in Nebraska named Larry King [photo]

All the perps shown, however, were White or Jewish businessmen, Congressmen and staffers, and President Bush I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asvl6kO1Vo8


The dainty-faced Bush I in his Yale University Yearbook, openly a member of “Skull and Bones”


And all the victims of this Black man, Larry King, — this being Nebraska — were corn-fed white kids, such as Johnny Gosch, a blond paperboy of German-American heritage….who was forced to become a prostitute in Washington DC for high-level, bisexual Republicans and seemingly still is to this day. (He constantly visited — 200 times — the White House under President George W. Bush….) When this ring was investigated, the FBI arranged for plane crashes and other murders, and the White kids who finally, bravely dared to testify against these powerful men were arrested and imprisoned, one girl victim for nine years for “slander“!!

Newspaperboy Johnny Gosch is kidnapped….

Photos the sickos sent to his mother to terrify her with the apparent hint being:

“We have your child, and we can kill your child.” They even branded Johnny on the left shoulder.


Johnny (left) together with other abducted boys.


He and they get flown by Larry King to Washington DC to be molested by VIPs, and Gosch undergoes two name changes.


President George W. Bush meets Gannon


Bush, all “huggie,” with John McCain, whose name means “son of Cain.” 😉


Now is George W. Bush a Gentile — or a closet Jew?

His grandfather Prescott Bush…. Note the nose, tan and dark hair.


Note the curved nose on “Dubya”…


I strongly recommend this video “Conspiracy of Silence.” The facts of this shocking case are also covered carefully in this book by then state senator (and Vietnam War hero) John DeKamp of Nebraska. (Larry King’s bank was the “Franklin Savings and Loan.”)


I recommend also a section on pedophiles in high places in this essay: http://johndenugent.com/racist-israel-seeks-to-genocide-whites-in-a-global-holocaust

You can loo9k at this section 1/6th down that begins here:


But whom do both slick politicians really obey? Take out a One a $1 bill and look at the back, on the right. Did you know that in 1935 the Great Seal of the United States was changed to form a Star of David at the top? Before that it was 13 random stars.

1898 quarter-dollar coin with the traditional random stars as defined by Congress in 1782

Every dollar bill denomination the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 has changed its design in major ways since 1935, all except the one, which seems to have a sacred significance to our crypto-rulers. It has remained basically unmodified for 77 years now.

And here, right in the Los Angeles Times of December 19, 2008, Jewish columnist Joel Stein (who now writes for Time magazine) openly boasted (http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-stein19-2008dec19,0,4676183.column):

I dont care if Americans think we [the Jewish people] are running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to KEEP running them.




and ends at this:


Does the censored media talk about Spanier [the Jewish president of Penn State, where Jerry Sandusky operated freely for 40 years]? No, of course not, and now he has a cushy federal job in national security http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Spanier in addition to STILL being a tenured PSU professor! Would George Washington or our own grandfathers have put up with a taxpayer-funded university holding aCT-FEST?!?


And then skip down around 3/4s to

IX. More on Sandusky and his protectors

and read the whole section down to the next subheading, “X. Jews and neanderthals”

Here you will see hard proof of the huge Jewish role in organized pedophilia in the so-called “White community,” such as Jack Raykovitz and Graham Spanier, who protected and paid Sandusky.

Raykovitz: Of course he is smiling to be paid $250,000 a year to run a foundationfor “troubled kids” that sent them to the known pedophile who was his personal friend, Jerry SANDUSKY


Graham Spanier: this Penn State president got $700,000 a year and ran a (pardon me, but htis is his phrase) CUNTFEST on campus that shocked Pennslyvania legislators in 2000.


The brave District Attorney of CenterCounty, Pennsylvania who was investigating Sandusky, a white man named Ray Gricar, disappeared, yes, DISAPPEARED totally and forever in 2005. His laptop was found along the river with the hard drive taken out. The then Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, then a Penn State trustee and now the governor, did no serious investigation of the DISAPPEARANCE OF A DISTRICT ATTORNEY INVESTIGATING A PEDOPHILIA RING.


Who did it? the Freemasons? Maybe. Or was it the group that maybe founded and secretly controls Freemasonry at the very top of the pyramid, unbeknownst to most lower members on the totem pole, who may be decent guys who are being used?

Back left of the US one-dollar bill



antwone-fisher-posterThis 2002 movie with Denzel Washington, “ANTWONE FISHER,” was based closely on a true story of a US Navy sailor, Antwone Fisher. and his also black US Navy psychiatrist, was about a Black boy neglected by his drug-taking mother, then taken away, then molested by his black foster mother and her daughter — and how he grew up angry at the world and lashing out blindly at all authority figures. This is how he nearly got a dishonorable discharge from the Navy, but Denzel Washington’s character (the star actor also directed this movie) saves him from his own rage over his stolen and horrific childhood.

(Note: I had some good email correspondence myself with the real Antwone Fisher, since I was molested myself, and I told him I admired his courage to come forward and expose what is being done to our children OF ALL RACES, which he appreciated.)

Trailer for this superb 2002 movie:

In this scene, Antwone relates psychological abuse by his foster mother, and the legacy of abuse and sadism in the Black community that began with the horrible abuses of the African slave trade:

(But see my essay “For African Americans ” on who really proposed, organized, financed, and ran — as the captains and crews out of Newport, Rhode Island — this indescribably evil “business” in human beings: http://johndenugent.com/for-african-americans-part-1 )

I and my webmaster for two years, 2009-11, Clark Lightbridge of Los Angeles, whose mother is from Eritrea in northeastern Africa. He lived and worked at my headquarters in Sarver, Pennsylvania for four months along with other staff, two volunteers and my fiance.

jdn-clark-jan-2011-office…..From my “SPIRITUAL VIDEOS”

Our videos together (with his and my research and some of his video editing) on 1) psychopaths, 2) on WHO really started the Black crack-cocaine epidemic, and 3) on the covered-up hate crime in Knoxville, Tennessee (taken from my videos page here: http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking):

Spiritual video 2 PSYCHOPATHS the toxic minority that takes over everything — and ruins racial relations (I introduce Clark and invite him to join me at the end)

Spiritual video 3: Jews and drug trafficking; Opium Wars and the murder of Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb

Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Gary Webb died in 2003 for proving that the US GOVERNMENT and CIA run the DRUG rings in America!



His next book, which his “suicide” (two shots to the head!) stopped, was going to to get more specific about who in the US government and CIA is controlling drug operations! They finance drugs, money-laundering via Miami and New York banks, and train the torturers and hitmen employed by the drug cartels.


Spiritual video 4: The Christian-Newsom murders in Tennessee (a story that convinced Clark even more to help me so we avoid a race war)

The suppressed story of what happened on January 6, 2007 in East Knoxville, Tennessee to two liberal, pro-Black (notice his cap turned backwards) white college kids in a black neighborhood, trying, probably, to score some pot.


Here is the real Antwone Fisher at the NAACP Image Awards, discussing his life, his book and the movie about his life:

All this shows our main issues are not racial, though racial demagogues on all sides want to make it that, but related to one problem only: predatory-psychopaths-versus-normal-decent-people-of-all-races: http://johndenugent.com/psychopaths-in-power.]

Published on Mar 31, 2014 [by Ayo Kimathi]

This is a WOH Report that is imperative for all Black people with children. Our people are under intense sexual assault; but some of us are fighting back. This is a powerful story about a Black family who was victimized by the white-sex assault, but who are fighting back and growing stronger as a family. This is a must see!

(3) Black children ages 3, 6, & 9, were taken from their parents, handed over to a lesbian couple, and sexually tortured for (6) months. The state of Connecticut refuses to do anything about the situation and the pedophillic couple are apparently continuing to warehouse children of the state through the foster care system.

Video [and I despise Fox News Channel, btw]:

Black Homeland Security employee: “A lot Of White People Are Gonna Have To Die”

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Ayo Kimathi is a small-business specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. In his off-time, he reportedly runs a website preparing black people for the “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” The Southern Poverty Law Center identified Kimathi as the “Irritated Genie,” whose website “War on the Horizon” is dedicated to “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare.” On it, he also advocates for the “purge” of “Uncle Tom” “race traitors”; describes lubavitch-obamaPresident Barack Obama as a “treasonous mulatto scum dweller” [photo, standing with a Luibavitch rabbi]; and claims whites are behind the “effeminization of the black male” that is “threatening the existence of every Black man, woman, and child on Earth.”

“Everybody in the office is afraid of him,” one of Kimathi’s former Homeland Security supervisors told the Southern Poverty Law Center. “This guy is filled with hate.”

“The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction,” the website declares. “Warfare is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites — more than our Christian hearts can possibly count.”

The supervisor said she was “astounded” that Kimathi is “employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.””We must become militant, hostile, violent, and deadly to those individuals and groups in our community who don’t comply to Black decency and Race-First standards. We cannot continue to be Black people with white behavior. — Black Afrikans Only!” the website states. “…Once we have largely purged our Race of its Race traitors, war with our natural enemy, the white Race, will intensify and become the single most powerful motivating force in the lives of Afrikan people worldwide.”

Kimathi’s former supervisor told the Southern Poverty Law Center she discovered his website in June.

“When I saw the website, I was stunned,” she said. “To see the hate, to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me.”

photo of Alex Seitz-Wald

November 19, 2013

The black-nationalist Department of Homeland Security employee who was placed on leave almost four months ago for running a website that espouses the mass murder of whites has still not been fired, an agency spokesperson told National Journal.

The Southern Poverty Law Center first exposed Ayo Kimathi in August, prompting a small media firestorm that led DHS to place the procurement officer on administrative leave with pay pending review. DHS deputy press secretary Gillian Christensen confirmed that his status has not changed and that he is still on leave pending review.

Kimathi, using the online nom de guerre “the Irritated Genie,” called for “ethnic cleansing” of “black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors” on his website, which envisioned a massive race war on the horizon. “In order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whitesmore than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” he wrote.

In other postings, he warned that whites and their enablers like President Obama are trying to “homosexualize” black men in order to make them weaker, and suggested that a woman’s primary role in life should be to “keep a strong Black man happy.” He also seemed to hold anti-Semitic views, claiming in a Facebook post that his website was under attack from a conspiracy of “zionist smallhats, the Uncle Tom koons,” and, naturally, “the haters.”

Kimathi, who has been at DHS since 2009, works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and made $115,731 in 2012.

Kimathi remained a federal employee from April 2013 until December 2013, when he was fired.

Comment under this video by, apparently, an African-American: Devon S 13 hours ago

you fucken honkys are going to be Finished! GET OUT OF NON WHITE LANDS you immoral peasant pigshit cancerous leeches!
[My question: By “non-white lands” does the writer mean the United States as well? Whites and others are indeed taught that “the White man came from Europe and stole the Indians’ land.” I think he does mean that Whites should leave America. This view — that EVIL, RACIST Whites stole the INDIANS’ land — is historically completely false, and has been disproved for over 15 years, but it is indeed what is still being taught to schoolchildren today. White Europeans were here in 20,000 B.C., back in the Ice Age, 10,000 years before the Indians the and Indians (Mongolians from Asia) came in and wiped THEM out!

An Ice Age map of 30,000 to 10,000 BC, showing huge areas of white for the ice. An emigration took place around 20,000 BCof the White, European Solutreans the true Native Americans over from Europe to an emtpy North America along the ice shelf that covered the northern Atlantic Ocean for many months each year during the Glacial Maximum period. This was the worst and coldest period of the Ice Age. It was possible to hunt (SPEAR-FISH) along the ice shelf and then pull the boats up at night, flipping two together to make lean-to’s with furs over them and under them (on top of the ice), in order therein to cook, relax and sleep. The Eskimos did this lifestyle until just 100 years ago. WHITE PEOPLE originally ARE JUST PALE ESKIMOS. 😉


And see this amazing Discovery Channel documentary video: “Ice Age Columbus:

At the opposite extreme, this other African-American writer criticizes angrily his own people:



…..and turned the government over to those who — they already knew — were their violent enemies

Ek het baie artikels in Engels oor die RSA geskryf:










Eugene Terre Blanche murder scene


www.historyreviewed.info/Article.php?ID=466258& A Jewish MD/psychiatrist was behind all three assassination attempts on the great Afrikaner prime minister, Hendrik Verwoerd, the last one being tragically successful. Solly Jacobson coached both David Pratt in 1960 while a doctor in Johannesburg, and Demitrios Tsafenda in England, who succeeded in murdering the great Afrikaner leader in 1965. Until this article, it was a mystery why the extremely insane Tsafenda was released from a British psychiatric institution and who gave him the money to fly to South Africa and who got this criminal a visa into the country, and who got him a high-security job on the floor of the South African Parliament!

The Chief of the Secret Police, Coetzee, was a big friend of Israhell, and a communist sympathizer, and covered over all evidence that the Jew MD, Solly Jacobson, coached both Pratt and the half-black- half-Greek Demitrios Tsafenda to kill Verwoerd.

Best book EVER on how Jewish communists destroyed RSA:


Ek soek vertaler vir hierdie artikels! :-)

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65 Comments on White South African Tragedy





  2. i have just read on our Prez JZ’s website that he does not have any education. that explains it all. I learned in the paper his got 700 cases of corruption against him,and one rape.This is our Prez. We have an average of 44 murders pd. I as a white person, r not granted any loans at a bank, i cannot start a bussiness by myself(have to hav a black partner), my child cannot get a study bursary/loan, everything is BEE (black economic empower). its bin almost 20 yrs of ANC ruling and no end in sight of ending BEE. Only blacks get GOV tenders, witch is usually clouded with corruption.(well basically every time). I read in world stats that 1 out of 3 Blacks worldwide will get jailed in their life. I wanted to buy a BP petrol gas station, the reply was only previous disadvantaged needs apply. I read that 97% of farms that was given to black people now is disfunctional, although they got it for free, with mostly some back-up funding from gov. If u would think i am rascist, i am not. My best friend is black, and he agrees with me.I give my 1/3 a mnth to black street kids, and help where i can, but damn i am so sick of hearing the #### black people talk about us. Look at Zimbabwe and Lesotho,Mosambique. Think the Mozambique Prez bought 40 super cars,think Mercs and limos not even sold on the str. and that is one of the poorest countries in Africa, with 70%+ people jobless, average wage of R300pm. I think Zims’s average is now R110 pm.(that is $10 pm). My local municipality had all the yrs have 25 people in office jobs, and 25 on the str, they r now 400 in offices, doing the exact same work the previous ones did, but with 10x the salaries ofcourse. and needless to say nothing gets fixed and the town is falling apart, dare say something and ur rascist.we r 3000 whites, and 70 000 blacks. 97% of shops r owned by whites.(why, i dont know, probably when we retire we start something with that money, like a guesthouse, and dont go party for the next 10 yrs, and become a gov dependable after that again). I tried to stay in UK, but was deported after overstaying my visa, but my grandfather fought in the ww2 for the Brits. I read lastweek Hendro Fourie, a Saffa playing for England rugby was immidiately deported after he got an injury, although he is a quilified teacher and his child was born in England.His reply was he paid his taxes for 10yrs,put the English jearsey on, and want to teach now, and gets deported, but all the millions of terrorists and assylum seekers are granted visas to stay. What is going on in the world? White people should start to wake up. oya, i want to ad that today 23 January 2013 more farmers have bin murdered than in the war.

    • So where was the outrage when the tables were turned and blacks were experiencing those types of indignities? I guess it was justified because it wasn’t whites who were affected. It’s kinda funny you guys don’t want to be treated like some of you treated blacks. Well, anyone who puts people through the racist system that was in place for so long deserves a taste of their own medicine. Maybe then you could experience some empathy sand treat all people with respect.

    • I was born in California in 1954. The years I grew up it was 95% white with very low crime and it was a beautiful place to live. Since around 1972 the illegal Mexicans started flooding into California and now it is a crime-ridden cesspool: with Mexican and black gangs, barrios, and white people are fleeing to neighboring conservative white states like Arizona and Idaho. Taxes have gone sky-high here to pay for all the black and Mexican moochers, and if you don’t speak Spanish you won’t get a job.

      • Right. As for me, I was in Cali on business (fundraising for our Cause) a lot between 1987 and 1992, and will add three things:

        1) It was once a beautiful state for the whites who built it up,with a great economy, good schools and colleges, and high wages in aerospace, computers, etc,t

        Not to mention it has snow-capped mountains and gorgeous beaches, miles of fields growing every veggie on earth, and spectacular deserts and cacti. (I was stationed at the Marine base in the Mojave Desert, Twenty-Nine Palms.)

        I remember once wading on Venice Beach near L.A. and seeing past a palm tree to Mount Baldy, covered by snow!

        That huge state has everything for everyone. And whites built it into what it was. It was Third World when Spain and Mexico had it.

        2) Every white person who sold his house as the Mexicans poured in lost money. As a neighborhood goes down, so do real estate prices. What happens is the Jew buys up houses on the cheap, and then rents them out to Mexicans who live ten to a house while taking jobs from Americans. In the 1960s and 1970s the Jews was also profiting off white flight from neighborhoods that were going black.As a white man, you pay 18 years on a mortgage on a $200,000 house, adding up to about $400,000 with all the compound interest that the Rothschilds introduced, and then you have to sell it for $100,000 — because “the neighborhood is changing,” as the euphemism went. Jews become fabulously wealthy off “neighborhoods changing,” buying low and renting high.

        3) Only 5% of Mexicans in the US pick vegetables in the hot sun. The other 95% do jobs Americans are happy to do: roofing, construction, truck driver, factory work, maid, janitor, etc.

        Oh yes, and these hard-working immigrants also form gigantic criminal gangs, sell drugs, and commit violent street crimes such as murder, rape and extortion.

        If immigration and diversity are so wonderful, why does Israel not let in non-white immigrants too and become multicultural? They do not because the Jewish goal is to preserve their heritage and at the same time destroy ours.

      • I also grew up in California when it was still a beautiful place. I moved away in 1986, and every year when I would come back to visit my folks I could see it getting worse and worse.

        I moved to Denmark 16 years ago, and that was also the last time I was in California. I visited my mom at her mobile home park she lived in, and I was afraid for her, having to live there. Blacks, Mexican, and Asian gangs. Police helicopter (ghetto birds) flying with their spotlights on every night. Luckily, my mom sold that place and moved in with my sister.

        I haven’t been back there in 16 years, and I’m not ever going back, not even to visit. The neighborhood I grew up in was a nice neighborhood with farmland and rolling hills and beautiful giant oak trees. The last time I was there it looked like a third-world ghetto with junk cars, negroes and Mexicans. The houses were all run down, some with broken windows, filthy yards. What a mess.

    • I should add that the black police in South Africa also brutalize their fellow blacks. Here is a report and video of the police tying a black taxi driver to the back of a police van, heedless of the video cameras filming the whole thing, and then DRAGGING HIM TO DEATH.


      The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=glV9zcmHbFc

    • Ja, ek stem dis tyd vir ons om die land terug te vat en die waens by mekaar te kry en die wapens skoon te maak, voor dit te laat is.

      Eers moet ons die blanke verraaiers uit roei. Kom ons begin hul uitsoek, en stelselmatig vernietig. Gesels met mede Afrikaners dan sal ons gou die slegtes kry. ek het begin met dit. Dit is ook onnodig dat daar blanke kampe is. Waar is al die stink rykes, o, nee, wat sal hul geld gode se as hul geld gee vir hulp.


      EMAIL ME.




      Yes, I agree that it’s time for us to reclaim our land,m circle the wagons, and make ready our weapons before it is too late. First, we need to exterminate the white traitors. Let’s start the hunt and systematically destroy them. Talk with fellow Africans and we will soon get the bad ones, I got started with this.

      It is also unnecessary that there be white gated communities. Where are all the stinking rich [in their gated communities as the rest of us suffer?], What will their money do for them when they have to pay for protection? WE MUST RALLY AND DECIDE WHAT WE WILL DO.

      EMAIL ME.



    • The rest of the White world is like the rest of the Whites in South Africa, who followed F.W. De Klerk or the fake Conservative Party, and laughed at the noble Jaap Marais and his HNP, and also mocked Eugene Terre Blanche and the Afrikaner Resistance Movement. (you see, once he actually fell off his horse ata a demonstration, and later he had some widely-publicized — by the jewsmedia — girlfriend troubles, so that was all some needed and wanted to read in their search for reasons to reject him after the jewsmedia needle-tongues had done their thing.)

      Motto of the White coward-blobs: “If a man is not personally perfect then he cannot be our leader. We must wait until he comes along.” 😉

      Well, as my father would say to the eager fault-finders:

      “Jesus WAS perfect — and look what happened to Him! ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ on Palm Sunday, and the next day ‘Crucify him! And give us Barabbas!‘”

      When a white leader arises, they do not support him but look for his faults and desperately seek reasons to do nothing. The secret person in the heart is desperate to find justifications to do nothing! BUT GOD SEES THE SELF-DECEIVING TRICK!

      In South Africa, as a British South African wrote me:

      I am rejected by Boers as a Brit, yet, funnily enough, I herald from both General Piet Cronje and Gert van der Berg – both heroes for the “Afrikaans nation”. It is VERY difficult to get the “WHITE” idea across many boundaries – church / heritage / culture / language / perception. Some of us are Brits and some of us are Boers, but we all are WHITES! The Blacks don’t care if we are Boers or Brits. They are killing us as WHITES!

      The real issues is this — what do you do when a heroic leader DOES arise?

      Hitler came to power ONLY because he had infinite determination AND ALSO the Great Depression intervened in 1929, causing the Germans to lose their jobs, to then literally starve, and finally begin committing suicide. An estimated 400,000 Germans committed suicide in 1932, just before Hitler came to power.

      In 1928, BEFORE obviously the Great “Black Friday” stock market crash of October 1929, his NSDAP party, as well-run as it was and as skilled a speaker as Hitler was, got a pitiful 2.6% of the vote.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_federal_election,_1928)

      But in 1930, AFTER the Crash, Hitler got over 30%.

      The issue is not “Do whites deserve their fate?” Of course, whether it is good or bad, everyone always deserves their fate! Let us be clear, manly, and have both feet on the ground!

      The vast majority of Whites are, and always have been, cowardly, irresponsible, naive, swallowing lies with amazing eagerness, and looking out for their money and pleasures, drinking beer and watching football on television while KNOWING thattheir nation meanwhile is dying.

      They do bobble their pink little grandchildren on their knees, yes (because it is FUN), and they tell themselves that they “love” them…. but then they do nothing about THEIR FUTURE!

      ….Not even when a leader arises and loudly, respectfully· and artfully calls them to their duty, demanding they help him to to prevent a world from coming about where those very same granddaughters on their knee now will someday be raped by blacks, and those grandsons they give an ice cream cone to now will be set on fire with gasoline, or if “lucky”, just lose their job to a Chinese, black, muslim or Hindu.

      How can a white grandparent say he “loves” his grandchildren, or his nephews and nieces, when he does not care what world they will live in? LOVE is to search for, find and then follow a leader to the death!

      Love is not tickling a grandchild or a giving him a zoo visit for your own amusement!

      The question is this:

      Do whites deserve these idealistic leaders who arise over and over to sacrifice everything, who are defamed and harassed, threatened, jailed and bankrupted, and finally often even lose their very lives (as we saw with Eugene Terre’Blanche in 2010, or in the 1960s with Hendrik Verwoerd in the RSA and George Lincoln Rockwell in the USA)? Do Whites deserve those leaders who make desperate attempts to awaken and save them?

      The first thing we must do to save our race is END forever the jew-taught, insane folly of fake democracy and fake equality, neither of which have ever existed in any real world. These are toxic myths used by the Jewish foe to destroy any society so no true elite of wise, selfless, caring heroes and idealists arises to rule wisely.

      But history has shown one thousand times in the past — and now in the present with South Africa, America, Germany, France, Canada, etc. etc., — that the average White, however good his occasional impulses might be, is simply not born to think and rule himself, but better cut out to feel, believe, and follow.

      If you ever ask “Joe Sixpack” to put himself at risk to do the right thing, he always will refuse, usually with a flimsy excuse, and then he and his loved ones suffer disaster after disaster.

      Does this mean Whites are evil? Not worth saving? Not at all!

      No, it just means that reincarnation is correct. It proves that most people are young souls. They were literally cows, sheep, rabbits and the like in earlier lives, and their nature is still that way. They are disappointing only in the way that a rabbit makes a lousy wolf. but they make excellent rabbits., 😉 Most people make very good followers but very terrible leaders and especially lousy thinkers. 😉

      They are still basically humanimals.

      Adolf Hitler was nicknamed “Wolf” by his closest friends, and how fitting that was.

      We all reflect in our current incarnation who we previously were, and most of us were higher mammals,not humans, in our recent lives.

      So who are the famous “old souls”? They already rose to the human stage many lives ago — and have learned something important in each of those lives. They are fully human. they THINK about the meaning of life, They think about the meaning of THEIR life. They EXAMINE their life. They PRAY to become better. they FACE their faults, and say: “Please, God, help me change the deep groove of my bad habits.”

      Here is a webpage on this topic of reincarnation:


      Here is a video I did with an excerpt you should really see, raising the whole issue of humanimals. As this video (see below the segment 26:39 to 28:01, letting the video spool forward for a minute, then going to that time period) shows, a huge percentage of the people living today are on their first or second human life, and resemble in behavior the exact kinds of animals they were in their prehuman stage. What is typical of a humanimal who was a prey animal in a recent life is inexperience, naiveté and on in many cases, running from reality, acting like the animals they recently had been.


      Does God love such people? Of course, but when given a chance to rise above their primitive way of thinking and feeling, WHEN A BRAVE LEADER APPEARS WHO REALLY CARES, they must use their free will and accept the call to duty, grow a conscience, or they will die — and thus learn the very hard way, and then, after thinking about their sins between earthly lives, go forward to their next life sadder and wiser.

      Someone asked me if, in a recent incident in RSA where blacks drowned a little white boy in his own bathtub in boiling water :-( :-( :-(, he deserved it.

      I am sure, of course, that in that one specific life he certainly had done nothing to merit such a horrible death!

      But 90% of whites have both done very bad or cowardly things in earlier lives and “gotten away with it,” and also failed to do the right thing in THIS life, when the lives and happiness of others, and even the future of their whole country depended on action, and on many serious occasions this failure to act has been the rule, not the exception.

      And thus, sometimes, it all comes home horribly to roost, the unpaid karmic bills, and they come due in one shocking incident.

      When I think of the Generals Meiring and Viljoen in South Africa, who smoothly handed power over to the blacks, KNOWING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, this a perfect example.


      Look at whites today around the world. They ALL say and do nothing as, one by one, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and others rape or kill them. I often run on my blog such horrifying cases around the white world of victims of clearly racist crimes by sadistic non-whites. This whole video deals with such a case in Tennessee, the Christian-Newsome murders:


      But how many whites in Knoxville, Tennessee REACTED by joining or founding a white activist group do say or do something after this unspeakable crime???

      And, to be brutal, if I had broached the topic of white rights the day before the murder with either young person, Christian or Newsom, is it not likely, given how 90% of whites are, that they would have looked at me in disgust and scorn and walked away from the conversation, rejecting me as a hateful racist and glorying deep inside in how tolerant, liberal and “good” they are, wallowing in their smug holier-than-thou-ism that makes them feel proud and so lofty by “rejecting hate”?

      The truth is that God is a tough-love being, and if a person rejects advice, he gets reality.


      The white South Africans are good people, VERY GOOD PEOPLE, but so are the white Germans, Canadians and Americans! But none of these Whites consist mostly of heroes.

      They all go “low-profile” when duty calls. 😉

      Do we now hate Whites? No, we hate the toxic Jew myths of equality and democracy! — that the masses should run the country!

      And this is why heroic leaders are so very, very, very important to the saving of a nation.

      They make all the difference in whether that nation will live on or die. It is they who bring out the goodness that in most people merely slumbers. They evoke the greatness that transforms mediocrity into excellence, weakness into strength, cowardice into courage, slavery into revolution and defeat into victory.

      But no Easter Bunny, no Odin, Jesus, Hitler, Verwoerd, or Robert E. Lee, will save you, me or the white race. Look for, search for, the white leader today! Sacrifice and struggle under a good leader, with loyal devotion, appreciating and even loving those who take up the heavy responsibility of leading us through hell and suffering back to life!

      Who knows what tomorrow brings
      In a world where few hearts survive?
      All I know is the way I feel…
      When it’s real,
      I keep it alive.

      The road is long;
      There are mountains in the way;
      But we climb a step every day.

      Love lift us up where we belong,
      Where the eagles cry,
      On a mountain high.
      Love lift us up where we belong,
      Far from the world we know
      Up where the clear winds blow.

      Some hang on to “used to be”;
      Live their lives looking behind,
      When all we have is here-and-now
      All our lives
      Out there to find.

      The road is long;
      There are mountains in the way,
      But we climb a step every day.

    • You don’t think the rest of the world ACTUALLY cares????? If there ain’t no money in it, no one gives a shit!! We are gonna pay a heavy price for our apathy and greed!!

  3. I have ZERO sympathy for poor Afrikaners. South Africa is a majority BLACK country where the JSC is majority WHITE that alone speaks volumes. Until I see white people in taxis and in these squatter camps you speak of I will continue to rubbish your claims. I would take this “article” more seriously but your agenda is as clear as day, to divide an already deeply divided country. South Africa is a beautiful place and has more than accommodating to you EVIL RACISTS! If you are not happy, understand this is not your motherland. GO!

    • So white people transformed a Stone Age land into a modern nation, the only rich nation in Black Africa, and said whites have been putting their sweat and blood into this country for 350 years — and yet you claim this is not their motherland.

      And I do not “speak” of squatter camps, I showed them.

      The hate-blinded racist is obviously YOU.

      You have no apologies for the horrific scenes of racist torture and murder?

      If South Africa was so bad under apartheid, why did blacks swim past crocodiles to get into it?

    • Ncumi, it is scum like you who endorse fabrications and pathetic lies to keep white fighters like myself at bay or at least try to. We are busy waking up and realizing what’s going on statistically.

      Vengeance will follow suit, trust me.










      • When Whites write like that, like boiling volcano lava, it is surely because a loved one of theirs was harmed. I fully understand his rage, and we must stop the genocide now! The writer also accuses Black South Africans of raping babies. This is unfortunately accurate. There is a myth in RSA among the Blacks that a man can get rid of AIDS if he sleeps with a virgin girl, and with an infant girl “best of all.” The black rapists often believe they are transferring their AIDS to the (of course innocent) virgin female. But it is okay because “females are inferior.” …..The worst thing is that Whites knew about this savagery — and still turned power over to them in 1994. Now to say they are “kicking themselves” is an understatement.

        • John, I for one would seriously question as to whether the majority of Whites actually DID vote to turn SA over to blacks. My faith in the integrity of national elections has been greatly shaken and I find it very hard to believe that a majority of Whites actually voted for black rule. In fact, I would not be surprised if the movers and shapers of public opinion did not pull off a huge brainwashing scam to convince Whites that ‘a majority of other’ Whites voted to end aparthied simply as a means to demoralize those Whites who supported the continuation of apartheid into believing they were going against majority public White opinion.

          • Hi, Janet.

            Actually, I have published many articles on this website on the facts relating to this disgraceful surrender and the inevitable tragedy. I also somewhat speak and well understand Afrikaans, which was rather easy for me, speaking German. (Afrikaans is a mix of simplified Dutch and Low German, and quite an easy language to learn, actually.)

            As Wikipedia correctly says:

            Apartheid was dismantled in a series of negotiations from 1990 to 1993, culminating in elections in 1994, the first in South Africa with universal suffrage.

            It is absolutely correct, as you state, that the White Afrikaaners did NOT vote to end apartheid.

            Their parliament did. Their politicians did.

            The Boer leaders were who destroyed their people, including a key Boer general. (President de Klerk also took Jew money — “the Nobel Peace Prize” and other funds — and utterly betrayed his folk. May he be gang-raped by a hundred Blacks and then burned alive with gasoline (petrol) like some of his suffering Boers, then cast into hell for one million years.)

            The White masses, leaderless, with the proud Army “neutral” and “apolitical,” were then led to the literal slaughter. (The Afrikaaners had good voices such as Jaap Marais and Eugene Terre Blanche, but the jewsmedia ridiculed, ignored or marginalized them. But, really, neither was at the Hitler level and thus were unable to turn the massive jew-tide of history.)

            This is why the leader is so important, the leader and his enunciation of a clear, fanatic and openly racial world view. (The Boer leaders NEVER were openly racial and especially never antisemitic. It was always about “culture”, don’cha know, and about “resisting communism.” 😉 And “the Jews understand about the Blacks, they are White too, and besides, Our Lord Jesus Christ was a Jew.”)

            The one really great leader they had in recent generations was Hendrick Verwoerd, who was also very pro-German, studied in Germany, and adopted German orphans after WWII. A half-negro murdered him. He went around Pretoria with hardly a bodyguard and, well, Jesus did NOT save him, or his nation, from their naive “moderation.” The Boers have to face now the bitter reality that their Calvinist church softened them and lowered their guard toward the Jews AND even toward the Blacks.

            As I have learned, to be kind can be cruel and to be cruel can be kind. Our race is far too noble, “blue-eyed” and innocent. In the end, we must become brutal or we will be genocided.

    • Excellent reply, ncumi!!!

      These racists sure have the audacity to IGNORE all the atrocities they committed under apartheid rule: millions of Africans killed…and they think we’re going to feel empathy towards them because 68,000 Whites have been killed?!
      Mandela has more courage in his little finger…than any of the rabble-rousers have in their entire bodies.
      Stop the hate…and learn to get along with others.

      • Those alleged millions of Africans were killed by…other black Africans, JohnLindsay! Not the Afrikaners! You are as slanderous and uninformed as all the other libtards.

      • How are civilian women and children, twenty years after apartheid, responsible for a high-ranking official’s decisions??

        It doesn’t make any sense to justify the torture and murders of White people in South Africa today when the Apartheid officials responsible for atrocities were left off the hook and even were courted and worked with the ANC government that took power in 1994.

        John Lindsey and Ncumi make no sense in feeling justified in White people being murdered and tortured today who were just regular citizens who had no part in the decision-making policies of the Apartheid government.

        I have friends of all backgrounds and I cannot see how people of different racial backgrounds on this forum can spew negative generalizations about whole groups of racial types without judging the individual character.

        By the way…the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (which was completely backed by anti-apartheid liberals) could not even find more than a couple thousand actual assassinations directed by the apartheid government and when you include all the people who died in the townships between IFP and ANC supporters in the early 90s you still get under 20,000 people killed in South Africa by apartheid forces over 43 years of Apartheid rule.

        In the last 20 years of ANC rule we have South Africans of all races being murdered daily at an official rate of about 24,000 murders a month.

        Who are the murderers, Ncumi?

  4. SA has been saved a little bit from the world economic recession due to its trade with China. Now China has a lot of influence over SA. So the Chinese are very soon going to call this place their second motherland. That is because of their investment in our infrastructure, etc. They are our new colonial masters. There is now a massive looting of SA’s resources going on for the continued booming of China, and massive exports of Chinese goods to SA will fuel unemployment here.

    Inequalities will be worse in a few more years and get worse day by day. Nothing is going to end up all right for SA. Our biggest problem should not be “the White Man” and the previous era of Apartheid. Our biggest problem WILL BE the Yellow Masters — stripping SA of its natural wealth while the man on the street suffers. Time is marching on to that direction.

    In politics, there are neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies, merely common or vested interests. The White man had an interest in the resources of SA, and he did improve the country and he has stayed on. The Chinaman also has the same interest now, but a Chinaman can always head back home to China. The White man will not be a permanent enemy as soon as the Chinese dish out dogballs and green tea to us while holding a sword behind his back in readiness.

    Hello to the future!! (Makes you think hey that, the mtn advert has Yellow in it!!!)

    • Thanks you for this comment and I was aware that Red China is racist against whites (as well as blacks) and they are taking over South Africa and many other white-founded countries as well.

      But what does this mean? “The mtn advert has Yellow in it!”?


      • The Logo of a Company and its Slogan are inseparable. In this case, MTN’s Logo has a predominant Yellow colour and it’s slogan is: “Hello the Future”. I picked on this because it is quite prophetic in the sense that the Chinese are known as the Yellow Race, and They are going to be our Future, -like it or not!. (But a future that won’t be Yellow Roses, or anything rosy).

          • John, the Chinese are master-traders, and not the Whites. I say so because the Whites have been put into a position where the Blacks have put a “guilt complex” into them. OK, apartheid days were bad, and that practice has to be condemned, but 20 years after its disbanding, the Whites are still being blamed?

            And SA is worse NOW than pre-1994 in terms of service delivery and maintenance & municipalities! Back to my point about the Whites not being good traders, this is because the guilt complex has been used against them. Sorry to say, but the Black man has no foot to stand on — except pull out the “Apartheid-Card” or “Race-Card” every time.

            But [let the Blacks] try that with the new Chinese masters! [They will see] what they will get. Nothing but a middle finger, because, the Chinese glaringly violate the business policies of SA by bringing in their own Chinese labour [to do the real work].

            The [Chinese] are not here to “prop up” the Blacks as the Whites do. No way! Wait and watch…. a game-changer phase will emerge now.

      • I have heard other commentators note that the Jew World Order has been setting its sights on Asia as they suck the last remaining life out of Europe and America. Just one look at the overrepresentation of (non-Chinese) Jews in the Chinese national government lends credence to these theories.

  5. I wrote to the comrade named “Francois” above, whom I expect, based on the name, to be part-Boer, and part-British like many good SA whites today, that I liked his email to this white-hating kaffir “Ncumi” and also this.


    Dear Francois,

    My goal is to create a new world view. The old Afrikaner traditions and the Dutch Reformed Church simply did not address race or the Jews with any radical and clear world view.

    In reality, there could be and needs to be a new and real unity between the Boer and British whites, facing the kaffir and now also the Chinese onslaught in RSA, but first there must be a clear understanding that it was the Rothschild-run “British” Empire that attacked the Boers, not the common people of Britain! And it was the Jew Oppenheimer and his master, the Jew Rothschild, that destroyed the secret Broderbond organization that had created Afrikaner unity and apartheid, and this destruction by JEWS of Afrikaner unity led to the power turnover of 1994.

    In fact, all the horrible things the British Empire did to you Boers were really done at the behest of the Jews!

    There must be a new form of national socialism, openly attacking THE JEW, and this time a world national socialism — for ALL white nations. It must also this time answer the great religious questions of life. For all our old ways to stop them have failed.


  6. South Africa has always been a violent country. When the white people arrived a Zulu called Shaka was on a rampage with his army, creating havoc amongst the tribes and creating a situation called the Mantatee Hordes, masses of displaced black tribes looking for escape from this tyrant.

    They in turn put pressure on tribes whose areas they were entering. This movement meant they could not grow their traditional crop, sorgum, and they starved by the thousands. Many of these blacks fled to white settlements for shelter.

    Much later. the homeland policy was put in place so that each tribe had its own place to live and carry on their customs. Hospitals and schools were set up, the infant mortality rate, which had always been high amongst the tribes, dropped and the population exploded.

    Whilst the English- and Afrikaans-speaking Europeans fought for control of the JSE [http://www.jse.co.za/Home.aspx]. The communists created discontent amongst the city blacks, the Coloreds, Indians and Chinese, who were embracing the new wealth being created by the government, as the major world currencies were on the gold standard and most of it came from South Africa. These educated people wanted a part of the action.

    The western world was also moving away from the concept of colonisation and were only to happy to placate their consciences by siding with them against this practice, hence the anti-apartheid movement. Most people here just want to get on with their lives and have no racial prejudice. But the reality on the ground is that this government, by keeping silent on the lawlessness, is giving a nod of approval.

    Don’t think the white people are the only ones suffering from this whirlpool of violence!

    The reality is that the only time this country had peace and a low violent-crime rate was during apartheid. The death of [a few black] political activists [like Steve Biko] was a mere drop in the ocean compared to what is happening now in this country, and they would hang their heads in shame for what is being perpetrated in their names.

    Bring back the death sentence for murder and violent crimes. Stop blaming the White South African for everything you cannot do right, stop discriminating against us and tell us when our people are being murdered and tell us why you are being so quiet.

  7. Dear comrade,

    Thanks for your email.

    All you say is true but also very standard. It misses the two key issues of a faulty world-view and the gigantic factor of the Jews being the ones who run the US and the British Empire, as per my statement above: http://johndenugent.us/solutreanism/race/white-south-african-tragedy#comment-109916

    You know, we American whites could say just about the same thing, just changing a few details. When I was born in 1954 we were 90% of our country, and today 49%. When the white Baby Boomers die out here, our big postwar generation of 1946-64, we will fall to 20% of the population, which is where you South African Whites were not too long ago, and now you are 8% and in fear of your lives. :-(

    • I am Australian, and can tell you we have taken many immigrants from SA in recent years. These people have proved themselves to be decent, educated and hardworking. I for one would be happy for them ALL to be shipped here. In fact these migrants are far better than most of the dross our traitor government allows in. It won’t happen though. You know why? As I’ve already mentioned we have a series of governments whom care nothing for the opinions of our people and continue to sell us down the river. Further more, they do not recognize the white South Africans as marked for genocide. Crazy, huh, when even a blind man can see it.

  8. FUCK THIS!!

    Time for revenge!

    Poison everything they touch! Brutally murder their women and children! AS THEY DO TO US ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!!



  9. I’m Bulgarian, yes, that’s in Europe and I’m white. But it was very interesting for me to read this article, and I agree with most of the parts.
    The Bulgarian population is decreasing drastically, and now, after what happened in Syria, our country started to fill up with Syrians who are demanding money and help like we owe it to them…
    I’ve always wondered why Americans are so liberal to the blacks…
    In this way of thoughts I like what Putin said about the minorities:

    “Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.”

    • Thanks for your comment.The purpose of every war the Jewnited Snakes instigates, such as Syria or Iraq, or Libya, is to get a new flow of non-White refugees into Mother Europe.

  10. not all mexicans are illegal many of us are mexican americans whome have lived here since before the yankees, mexican american history in american southwest spans back to the 16th century long before whites, also we mexicans are product of european spanish whome we have direct spanish ancestors, we are a product of whites yet we are seem as a different race?

    • Hi and yes, you are right.There are many Spanish-blooded Mexicans whose ancestors have been in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California for centuries.

      White people in the winter, with no tan, have white skin, that is, actually pink or grayish-white.


      Of course, what determines pragmatically “whiteness” is also — do you identify and fight for your fellow Whites? If one chooses to identify with mestizos because of the shared language and culture, then psychologically one is not White. Thus, most middle-class and even many upper-class Mexicans are neither psychologically nor physically white, though some are very close.

      I met a blue-eyed Mexican MD who was working as a waiter in a Mariott Hotel in southern California; he said “I would rather be alive and a waiter in the United States than a dead doctor in my state in the south of Mexico.” :-(

      If you hate “gringos,” then definitely no. 😉 If your skin is brown even in the winter, no.

      You might be a good person, even an excellent person, but you belong to another group. Go in peace, live long and prosper. :-) Or stay in peace if your ancestors really have been here for centuries.

      John de Nugent

  11. i think the solution would have been for the south african government to nuke the blacks ,,,thats said lets have that little war…governments of the world should all be killed,,then the masses who sow anarchy,,,give me my 30-06,,,fuck the losers

  12. As a South African who now lives in England I just want to live as far away from them as possible. White South Africans are proud and they respect talent, character and ability. If the blacks displayed these qualities from the beginning there would not have been apartheid. Or it would have been a much lighter version or whatever. They carry on like sub humans chopping up people etc. and that’s all there is to it!

  13. Kevin Langeveld, in his 02 JUN 2013 post, got some facts wrong. Whites began arriving with Riebeeck in 1652, about 135 years before Shaka Zulu was born. But he was right in saying South Africa has a long, violent history. What part of our planet doesn’t?

  14. A white liberal with the usual mental blindness wrote me:

    “I found this website while working on a transcript for an interview with Madame Ogram. This made me incredibly sad. It really was disgusting and I pray that you find guidance and tolerance. While I strongly believe in freedom of speech and the value in having your own opinion, I do not think that it should transcend into hate. Also, you seem too intelligent to have so many errors in your blog. (Not an attack, just something I noticed.)”


    I replied:

    Dear Kendyll,

    Let me guess — you are a White female liberal , as in “Don’t confuse me with the facts. They so upset my mental universe.”

    First, where is one word of “hate” from me? I am honestly reporting the unpleasant facts. The facts are racist hate by certain Blacks for Whites, as expressed not by words but by totally unnecessary rape, torture and murder, not even accompanied by theft.

    Liberalism has been described as a mental illness — it makes you feel so “kind” and “caring” while being THE OPPOSITE.

    So now are you also against racism AGAINST WHITES? Do the horrible deaths of average White people (not some “leaders of apartheid”) at the hands of Black racists also make you, in your words, “incredibly sad”?

    If not, I am afraid that you are a LETHAL hypocrite. Get real, and look yourself in the mirror before you judge others! When you point your finger at someone else, four fingers are pointing back at you.

    John de Nugent”

  15. These views are bias and only imply whites have the right to be treated humanely or that only they have experienced injustice. Had history been the other way around some of the comments here would be very sympathetic. When you are of mixed race this issue becomes meaningless all human life is valueble and this becomes a question of justice and not race. I’m just speechless at how irrational people can be when it comes to race. Lets look at South African history, in mixed offsprings a good number of us know for a fact those who looked more white pretended to be whites and not coloured and married whites and no one was the wiser so meaning today there is alot of blacks with white blood and whites with black blood. This is a fact and will never change. If a genetics test were to be done and then you were asked to comment on what you have just read your summation would be different.

    • I do not think this essay implies only Whites have experienced injustice. I think the jewish-controlled media implies now only non-Whites have experienced injustice…………….

  16. The population of the US has NO clue what is in store for it. Lets put the apartheid thing aside. In 1973, South Africa had the 9th largest stock exchange, GDP was about 15th – 18th largest in the world. Check the stats today.

    There was a Soviet invasion that cost a lot of money to block, but the point is what happened? Laziness is what happened. The highest strike rate in the world 2013!

    They are envious, jealous. Difficult to manage. Check Sweden in 30 years! That country will become the new South Africa.

    Forget about racism, apartheid, segregation, liberalism, look just at the economic statistics.

    John de Nugent’s ideas are decades ahead of their time. Although I’m more positive that the problems can be overcome.

    But it is there. And its going to be pain.

    You will see once major demographical changes take place. You work. They do nothing.

  17. Ek bly op n plaas in Suid Afrika. Ek se dankie vir hierdie insiggewende inligting. Die land is n hel hool. Ek het my mede broers en susters in ander wereld dele probeer waarsku oor die land se moorde, verkragtings ens. en ek het gese dat dit ook daar by hul kan gebeur, hulle moet waaksaam wees.
    As ek mag wil ek asseblief die werf se adres aan ander gee. Baie dankie.

    • Translated from Afrikaans

      I live on a farm in South Africa. I say thank you for this informative information. The country is a hellhole. I have my fellow brothers and sisters in other parts of the world trying to alert you all about our country’s murders, rapes, etc. I say watch out /// it might happen to them too and to be vigilant. If I may, I would like to forward the link to others. Thank you.

  18. Good evening John. Thank you for time in translationing my reply. Thank you also for the indepth and hard work involve sending this info out. I have already send your web adress to my daughter and friends. We need a friend like you and others to get this message across. God bless. Alette

  19. The white man will definitely pay for what they did to the blacks and the indians.
    You are talking about pass. How would a visitor (boers) come to our land and issue passes to the owners of the land? Were the whites using passes?

    I never knew how wicked the whites were till i saw the video of the south african strugle.
    They went to america and killed all the indians and then took over their lands. I know that was their plan in south africa.
    Who are the real terrorists? The answer is ” the white man”.

    We have the good ones but definitely the hate towards the blacks is just satanic.

    We forgive them.

  20. Hello everyone.I see some guys discussing here about the Chinese,Indians(not the indigenous americans)and people from other asian countries snatching away job prospects from their American and European counterparts let me be very clear to you that such companies search for talented and well educated employees which they find here and thus offering jobs with tempting high wages.We people dont just become refugees and enter your country illegally.Even we are paying taxes to the government there while working in foreign countries.As an Indian, even i believe that influx or immigration to developed nations as job seekers does’nt do anything good for one’s own country whereas if we have some experience working in US or EU for say 5 years and returning back to native country to create jobs for people does make a difference.

  21. Bad times coming up for our people world wide.

    It’s just in different stages of progression.

    It doesn’t matter to the anti-Whites if we are in our motherland nations or in nations our people built, they want us gone forever.

  22. What’s the difference between a tourist in SA and a racist??… 2 weeks. Jokes aside. My fiance and my self are looking too get out of SA, but where too go?. I was brought up too stand your ground, but not too cause the trouble. I was borne in SA. I’m a South African through n through. But I don’t want too run away like All the others did. Though I cannot blame them. Money is not of question.( No rich parents either. I worked for my money) But what I do ask is, when is enough enough? Where do we draw the line. 30 years? 100 years of hard ship. Hey look everyone! Two wrongs makes a right. I have been faced with a predicament as too change the morals and values of my life and question, too what extent will mine enemy go too, to eradicate me? I was borne in to this what SA faces now. Where are we going too draw the line. I, as many others like me, have only ever defended ourselves from harm and my family, my country is being torn apart. We are defenceless here. Firearms laws are so strict. Not too mention they stripped us of most of it a couple years back with some law they passed. I am not a fighter. But if its a fight they want. I will gladly take up arms for what I , as an well educated man, believes in. Reverse racism is worse. They want too be like us. Wear our clothes, have our jobs(which they can’t do), own our houses, yet they hate us so much. I will with pride take up arm against anybody who threatens our peoples well being. We must not hide.. We need too face our darkest fears.(No pun intended.)

  23. Its all very well complaining and moaning but nowhere do I see any real analysis of the problem or any solution. 10% of South Africa is white and the white race is facing extinction there. 10% of Europe is non white and the White race is facing extinction there. The problem is simply one of fertility and underlying psychology. Whites need more babies and less materialism/ hedonism. They need less of a religion of love and tolerance and more of a natural, realistic world view about biological survival and racial struggle such as espoused by Ben Klassen.

  24. I noticed the picture of Prescott Bush and George W. Bush’s nose. They are Jewish no matter what anyone says.
    Dick Chaney’s wife claimed to have discovered their related to Obama while doing family research.
    Hillary Clinton no doubt has Jewish blood in her.
    The Congressmen of the United States know the Jews are in control.
    But by our Congressmen voting for laws and forced to vote for them is them surrendering our rights and privileges.
    For by passing laws like the Patriotic Act, for example , they are giving away our rights legally as our representatives. Or like the trade laws and next , immigration laws being relaxed to allow more foreigners into all the white Christian countries.

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